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Ball Crusher Attachment for Ball Weights


Ball Crusher Attachment for Ball Weights Ball Crusher Attachment for Ball Weights Ball Crusher Attachment for Ball Weights
$54.00 $32.40
Rating: (7 reviews)
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Ball Crusher Attachment for more CBT fun!

Hit them where it hurts by crushing their family jewels. Made for erotic torture this a true S/M device. This crusher attaches to our ball stretcher using the wingnuts you move the bar up and down to increase pressure or "crush effect" on their balls.

Note: Use caution when using this item as misuse of this device may lead to possible injury.

Note: Pictures show the crusher with our Ball Stretcher which is sold separately. Ball weights are also available below.

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Reviewed: Monday 22 June, 2015 by Anonymous

Not a terrible toy but since it's an add on it doesn't exactly line up and connect well with the weight. Mine is about a quarter turn off from the weight threads and so things are a bit wobbly. If things are slippery and sweaty items will tend to shift around, this could be good or bad depending on intent. Overall it's a descent product.

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Reviewed: Saturday 02 April, 2011 by slut jamie

my master loves to use the ball crusher on me and I can't wait for him to use it on me.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 25 August, 2009 by

This is a great toy to add to your ball stretcher, and very effective if you are into fairly heavy cbt (torture) play. I used it with the large ball stretcher and a spiked parachute. The cross bar of the crusher was put through the chains of the parachute, the wing nuts were then closed to bring the crushing cross bar all the way up until I could not tolerate much more pressure. This really forced the prickly spikes of the parachute into my ball sac. The weights were added to the chains of the parachute and it was like I was being squeezed. The sensation was tear-forming.

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Reviewed: Sunday 31 December, 2006 by BallCrushedBoySub Toy

My master woman got this for me as an early christma present 6 weeks ago for my extra heavy ball streatcher piece she got about 1/2 half year ago. She say that as now they hang pretty low we must give new look!! She start slow and add some twist every few days. She has worked the screws down a good way. At first pain was big. Balls adjust to pain if left long enough at new setting. On occassion I hear some cruch noises....must mean some curshing happen. I now get to want crusher and ask her for it. She want to get metal bar all screwed down by also. A real five star in my mind

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Reviewed: Thursday 14 December, 2006 by sub boy

This attachment is best used front to back such that it seperates the jewels as the wing nuts are tightened as opposed to the crushing use shown. This is much safer and provides the right amount pain and tons of pleasure while significantly reducing risk of injury. The seperating effect compliments the stretching action of the stretcher. It also makes for a nice gripper.

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