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Zeus Electro Gloves featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine

July, 2018

In the July 2018 issue, of Cosmopolitan Magazine, the Zeus Electro Gloves were featured in their "Electrofy Sex" article. They were spotlighted as a great item for those who are new to the world of electrosex.

About the electrosex gloves, Cosmo says:

When attached to a power box (sold sep-arately), these gloves send little shocks to the body parts your partner caresses.

Key points of the article:

In a physical therapist’s office, electrical stimula-tion is a treatment that uses gentle, low-power electric currents to help relieve muscle, nerve, and joint pain. But in the bedroom, it can spark a supercharged orgasm when placed on the right erogenous zones.

Charged products deliver tiny shock waves that pulse along your labia or your guy’s penis and titillate nerve endings deep inside the body (like the hidden clitoral “legs” that skin-on-skin friction or regular vibrators can’t directly reach).