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Liquid Latex

Playing with Liquid Latex by Extreme Restraints

Liquid Latex, is a self-drying latex substance that paints directly onto the skin or over clothing and dries in about 5-10 minutes to form custom wearable rubber clothing, costumes, masks and much more. When it dries it will create a smooth, shiny latex rubber coating. Some people say it feels very sensual when applied. Others love when it's ripped off. A fun product for use in private or an awesome ice breaker at parties.

Fun things to do with Liquid Latex:

  • Take turns painting your partner. You can be creative in what body parts and designs you want to create.
  • Wear your liquid latex in the privacy of your own home and serve your partner dinner.
  • While wearing your liquid latex outfit lay out on your partner's bed, read an erotic book and wait for them to come home.
  • Or if you don't live together try sneaking into your partner's home and then lay in their bed.
  • Men can wear it as a substitute for clothing at Mardi Gras, fetish parties, or for hot night's out on the town.
  • By applying more than one coat you can make the rubber very thick. After a couple coats it's very strong!
  • Be sure to shave body hair before applying liquid latex to the skin. If you don't, then you get to enjoy the feeling of your hair pulling out when the latex is ripped off. Although you might be into this and it could be fun to do to your submissive partner.