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An Inside Look: A Guide to Sex Toy Materials

Midnight Realistic DildoSugar and spice and everything nice? What’s in my sex toy?


Sex toys are made from a variety of materials. Some are made from a single material while others may be a blend of several. All have different properties and require different types of maintenance to ensure that they remain in good condition and safe to use.


Toys made from silicone are very popular. Some of the reasons for this are that they are hypoallergenic, durable and dishwasher safe. silicone toys tend to be a little more costly than toys made from other materials. They are usually of to a higher quality due to the fact that silicone is a more expensive material. Also, most of them are manufactured in a more craftsman like less assembly line sort of way. Companies like Tantus and Topco take great pride in creating and producing superior silicone sex toy products.


Disinfecting your silicone toys is easy. You can wash them up with plain soap and water, you can boil them for 5-10 minutes or put them in your dishwasher to sanitize them. In addition to keeping your toys clean, there are a few precautions you can take to ensure that you will safely enjoy your toys for a long time to come. Be sure that you do not use a silicone based lube on silicone sex toys. This will cause them to melt and ruin them. If you are sharing toys with multiple people, you may wish to cover the toy with a condom. If you are using a pre lubricated condom, be sure that it is not lubricated with silicone.   Gun Oil water based lubricant, for example, safe for use with silicone sex toys.


Another precaution you should take if you are using a strap on harness with your silicone dildo is making sure the ring is the right size. silicone dildos may break if used with a ring that is too small.


silicone rubber mixes do have the added benefit of being more durable than some other sex toys. You should avoid silicone lubricants when using these toys and you should also use a condom over them each time you use them. These toys may contain a rubber softener known as phthatlates and may not even contain very much silicone. The manufacturer may legally say the sex toy is made of silicone if it contains only 10% silicone. Be aware of what you are buying especially if you have sensitivities to latex or other materials or if you are trying to avoid plastic softeners. You should care for and maintain them in the same way you would a toy made of jelly rubber.


Jelly rubber sex toys have a soft quality to them that appeal to many people. These toys are porous and you are unable to disinfect them. They may also contain latex and phthalates. Jelly rubber toys should be washed with soap and water and stored away in a cool, dry place away from other sex toys. It is also advisable to use a condom with these toys to aid in cleanup and prolong the life of the toy.


Soft vinyl is less porous than jelly rubber but cannot be boiled. These toys should be cleaned with soap and water. Because vinyl is somewhat porous you should use a condom when using sex toys made of this material. Soft vinyl is not as soft and jelly rubber, but is more durable.


TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer sex toys are usually non porous and very durable. TPE toys are also chemical and temperature resistant.


Cyberskin is made from a proprietary blend of materials and is porous. Cyberskin feels very much like real skin and these toys are usually very lifelike in appearance. Condoms used over sex toys made from cyberskin aid in safety and cleanup. Cyberskin toys should be powdered with cornstarch after use and cleanup to keep them from becoming sticky. Talcum powder has been associated with cervical cancer in women and should not be used on your sex toys.


Hard Plastic, Glass, Acrylic, Metal and Lucite.  These items are non porous and though glass is boilable, the other materials may not be. Soap and water for cleanup will be sufficient. Check glass metal and acrylic toys for cracks before use.

This guide was written by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoseur