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Guide to Prostate Stimulation

The Aneros Male Prostate StimulatorThe male prostate gland is located where the prostate and perineum (an area about the size of a bottle cap located between the penis and the scrotum) come together. This is a major “hub” for all of the nerves that control the sexual organs and is a direct line to the brain’s pleasure center. Many heterosexual men are concerned that if they enjoy having their prostate stimulated it will call into question their sexual orientation. Relax and be assured that sexual identity is determined by the organ between the ears, not the organ between the anus and the scrotum.

The male prostate gland can be accessed by inserting a well lubricated finger or other item into the anus two or three inches and pointing or pressing downward. This is why many sex toys for men such as the Aneros Helix Prostate Massager have a slight bend at the top. These toys are created specifically to stimulate the prostate gland , and offer optimum sexual pleasure. Toys such as these might be used with a partner or alone to enhance masturbation. Prostate gland stimulation will make a powerful orgasm into a mind bending orgasm.

There are electronic male sex toys that will stimulate the male g-spot.

One of the keys to enjoyable prostate gland stimulation or any other sexual activity involving the anus is using plenty of lubricant. A good quality lubricant such as Passion Anal Lubricant will smooth the way to the prostate gland and make ultimate pleasure possible. If you are using silicon toys for anal play and prostate gland stimulation you should use a water based lube like Passion Water-Based Lube to prevent the silicon from being compromised. To be sure you get lots of lube exactly where you want it to go, try a Personal Lubricant Applicator. This handy item optimizes lube application and minimizes mess.

If you have decided that you might like to try prostate gland massage, here are a few recommendations that will make the experience easier and enjoyable.

1. Empty your bladder and bowels.
2. Take a warm bath or shower.
3. Be sure that nails and cuticles are trimmed and that any rough edges have been smoothed.
4. Integrate foreplay, masturbation, or pornography into the session.
5. Get in a position that is comfortable to remain in for a while. This position should be one that allows you or your partner easy access to your anus.
6. Begin slowly. Massage the sphincter and the perineum. As the sphincter relaxes, insert a well lubricated finger into the anus. Proceed slowly, stopping and relaxing if sensations become too intense.
7. After you are relaxed and enjoying having your anus fingered, be sure you are remaining well lubricated and go deeper and find the prostate gland. It is about the size of a walnut, 1.5 -2 inches inside your rectum. Massage, tap, and rub this area. See what sensation pleases you most.
8. If you find that you like prostate gland massage, you may wish to introduce some of the toys discussed in the article or any number of butt plugs that are available.

This guide was written by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoseur