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Do You Feel That!?: Sensation Play

Sensation play is an activity that covers everything from a massage with latex gloves to flogging. The reason for introducing sensation play into your love life is simple-once you have had your fancy tickled a few times, its always nice, but sometimes a little boring. The same way driving loses its thrill a year after you get your license unless you go somewhere new or get a new car. Think of sensation play as the open road in the land of sexual pleasure.

Sensation play can be mild and sensual. Giving an all over body massage using silicon lube and latex gloves will offer a unique slippery silky sensation and go from relaxing to quite erotic as you focus the rubbing and stroking on different body parts. This is a great way to discover those little out of the way places that drive your partner wild. A variation on this sensation play would be to make both of your naked bodies slippery and roll around together on PVC bedsheets. You may wish to incorporate lubes and massage oils that offer different sensations as a first step to erotic massage some offer a warming feeling, some might tingle and others might even taste good.

Another mild form of sensation play that is often combined with bondage is tickling. You might use your fingers or try any one of the amazing tickling toys available. The Sexy Slave Bondage Kit offers a set of 4 cuffs, a blindfold, and a feather tickler to tease your partner with while you have them in a compromising position. One thing leads to another with sensation play.

Candles add perfect light and ambiance to the bedroom. If the idea appeals to you, utilize the liquid candle wax to venture into sensation play called wax play. Before you explore dripping candles you might wish to try a milder form of wax play with an Afterglow Massage Candle. This candle turns into massage oil. Once you blow out the flame, you can pour the warm oil onto your partner for a warm and sensual sensation. For people who like the hotter, more intense sensations of traditional wax play there are still wax candles for this purpose. Be sure to avoid colored and scented candles as these types of candles burn at a higher temperature than candles without these enhancements. Keep the flame away from your partner’s body and do not drip wax on the face.

Nipple clamps are a very erotic sensation play tool. There are different types of clamps to attach to the nipples. Some have adjustable clamps so that you can control how slight or severe the pinch may be. The blood rushing back into the nipple can be quite intense for some people. Go slow with nipple clamps at first, get clamps that are adjustable. The brass Deluxe Adjustable Nipple Clamps have a cylinder adjustment that allows you to precisely control the amount of pressure. Clover Clamps are very intense and not for those squeamish about pain. However, when one is aroused what was once painful now feels good. Proceed with caution, but if you enjoy a little you might enjoy a lot, and if not you don’t have to try it twice.

No article on sensation play is complete if it does not mention the Wartenberg Wheel. This prickly little tool is a tiny pinwheel on a handle that if used softly can create a tickling sensation on the skin and can become more intense as pressure is added. This toy is often used with the Violet Wand.

Many couples engage in spanking on some level from playful slaps when teasing to full on paddlings during a D/S scene. The butt is a central location for nerves that will send sensation through the whole pelvis. The vibration from being spanked sends warmth right into the genital region for many people. There are a variety of impact toys that you can use for spanking. A good beginner paddle would be the Round Leather and Fur Paddle with a business side made of leather for a serious smack or a pleasure side covered in soft faux fur for some sensual caressing. Paddles and straps come in a variety of materials from aluminum to wood. They are usually divided into two classes-- thud and sting. Each sensation has its enthusiasts, and spanking can be enjoyable as a sensual activity or as part of role playing. Be sure to go slow and know what your partner’s limits are.

A more intense form of sensation play utilizes canes, crops, whips, and floggers. One man’s pain is another man’s ticket to paradise. All of these heavier impact tools have a large range of sensations from a caress to a welt depending on how high they are raised and how hard they are swung. These toys like many other of the toys used for sensation play add an edge to any scenario just by being there. These tools should not be used without practice and you should not practice on a person. Take aim at a pillow or an old jacket. Aim for particular spots and work on your accuracy. When a person is being struck for the first time, a full on wallop without warm up is not advisable.

Sensation play activities are enjoyed by most people. Trying something new or exploring an activity further is just another way of getting to know you and creating more possibilities for enjoying yourself. Have fun and be safe.

This guide was written by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoseur