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Anal Hook Trainer with 3 Plugs

SKU: AH261

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Anal Hook Trainer with 3 Plugs

SKU: AH261

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Hooked on Anal

Key Features

  • Graduated Plugs: The smooth, nickel-free, metal plugs all have tapered tips for easy insertion and three different sizes that help you train and stretch with.
  • Rope Bondage Tool: The O-ring at the top of the hook is perfect for tying rope to and using as part of a rope bondage scene!
  • Non-Porous Metal: The stainless steel hook and the aluminum alloy plugs are non-porous and easy to clean! They are compatible with all lubricant types, as well.
  • Temperature Sensitive: The metal can be slightly warmed or cooled for a more sensual experience.
  • Train your ass to take bigger plugs while giving yourself a fun toy for rope play and predicament bondage! The 3 aluminum alloy plugs are lightweight, firm, and compatible with all lubricant types. They screw into the stainless steel hook so you can try out any of the three graduated sizes. At the top of the hook is an O-ring that lets you tie rope to it or other bondage gear so that the hook stays in place and your submissive stays plugged until release! All metal is nickel-free for sensitive skin. The metal is non-porous and can be used with any lubricant. To clean, wash with warm water and mild soap after each use. Spray with a toy cleaner and dry with a soft cloth.

    Choose your plug size and then screw it into place on the hook. Use your favorite lube and slide it in. The metal is super smooth and glides right in. As soon as it's inside, you feel the cool metal begin to warm up. You can also warm up the metal beforehand for a more relaxing feeling. As you angle the hook you can feel how it pushes against your prostate or A-spot. Let your partner tie you up and really experience how much you can feel the plug when you move even a little bit! Combine this with a kinky scene and have fun!

    MS Anal Hook w/ 3 Plugs Specs:

  • Hook length: 9.4 inches.
  • Small plug: 1.6 inches Long x 1 inch Wide.
  • Medium plug: 1.9 inches Long x 1.3 inches Wide.
  • Large plug: 2.3 inches Long x 1.5 inches Wide.

  • Hook: Stainless steel
  • Plugs: Aluminum alloy

    Color: Silver

    Note: Never unscrew the hook while the plug is inserted.
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