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Strict Leather Deluxe Locking Cuffs


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These durable leather wrist and ankle restraints are built to last. These leather restraints incorporate our locking buckle system for security. Made from high-quality leather. These cuffs are 2 inches wide and reinforced with another 1 inch strap. As the picture shows, these are a beautiful set of cuffs and reasonably priced.

  • Wrist cuffs are sized 9" in length (4.5" in diameter).
  • Ankle cuffs are sized 11.5" in length (5.75" in diameter).

Note: Locks not included. Cuffs sold in pairs.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 23 September, 2014 by Punished Wife

When I an punished I stand with my hands on the corners of the fireplace mantle. My husband purchased these and bolted D rings to the mantle. These are strong, well made, and comfortable.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 04 July, 2012 by Anonymous

Let me start off by saying that I'm pretty rough on my restraints, so take it for what it's worth. I mostly use these for self bondage. I've had these for a couple of years and I'm a bit disappointed in them. There's two major issues I have: 1) The D-rings are not solid rings. So, over time the rings have begun to pull apart. I can use pliers to close them again, but as time goes on it seems that they come apart easier and easier. Sure, there's things you can do to fix it, but using solid D-rings should be a no-brainer on cuffs like this. To fix this, I've bought quick links to replace the D-rings. 2) The leather is starting to split. On the leather piece that goes around the wrists (as opposed to the one that holds the d-ring in place), it is splitting right down the middle along the studs lengthwise. This is happening to BOTH cuffs. There's only a thin layer of leather left holding them together. While issue #1 is fixable, #2 would prevent me from buying these again. Spend the extra money and get something more high-end. Despite these issues, they are comfortable and would probably do the job just fine if your sub doesn't struggle too much.

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Reviewed: Sunday 29 November, 2009 by kitty kitty

While keeping affordability and quality in mind strict leather comes through again. The leather is a high enough grade quality to take even the roughest of punishments and strong enough that no amount of struggling will matter when it comes to being secured in place. My only complaint is that the cuffs are not large enough for larger wrists. Over all an excellent product for looks and play.

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Reviewed: Monday 28 September, 2009 by . Subtletea

Master purchased both the wrist and ankle cuffs for us. The leather is stiff and will need to be worked to make them a bit more supple, but they work beautifully. Like others have mentioned, they are a bit on the larger side, but if you need to add a hole to the leather, it can be done fairly easily. We are not at that point, but i also have not been able to slip out of them either. The fact that there is a lock on them is a nice bonus, and I rather like feeling so secure.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 18 March, 2009 by Sir doG

they look nice, and are very sturdy. however, if your sub / slave is a small person keep looking. my slave ruined the scene by pulling her hand out of the cuff to rub her nose. without punching another hole for the lock i cant make them any tighter.

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