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Hands Up Suction Cup Cuffs


Hands Up Suction Cup Cuffs Hands Up Suction Cup Cuffs Hands Up Suction Cup Cuffs Hands Up Suction Cup Cuffs Hands Up Suction Cup Cuffs
$25.00 $17.95

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Restrain your lover to any smooth surface for sexy new bondage adventures!

This versatile restraint system will get the wheels turning in your devious mind! The superior suction of these comfortable and durable cuffs works on any smooth surface so that you can put your lover in bondage anywhere you want! Apply them to the shower wall or even a window to push the boundaries of their restriction. Just stick the cups to a smooth, flat, and hard surface to instantly turn it into a piece of bondage furniture. The strong, neoprene-lined cuffs adjust with Velcro closures for comfort and security. Keep your lover bound at home or when you travel with these compact, durable, and incredibly sexy cuffs.


I didn't realize he had brought them with us to Vegas until we're making out naked on the hotel bed and I feel him cuffing the neoprene around my wrist. I break away from the kiss, looking at him in curiosity. The grin that spreads across his face is infectious, and soon I'm smiling in excited and nervous anticipation. I think he's going to stick the suction cups to the headboard, but once the other cuff is securely on my wrist, he pulls me out of bed and towards the window. He pulls the drapes open and I try to hide my nakedness behind him, but he pushes me against the window and suctions my wrists against the cool glass above my head. I stare down at the Las Vegas Strip, all the lights and hotels, as he massages my ass and then lowers his hand to feel my wet pussy. My hard nipples press into the window as he spreads my legs and begins to fuck me hard.

Hands Up! Suction Cup Cuffs Specifications:

  • Measurements: Adjustable up to 10.75 inches in circumference, 2 inches in diameter
  • Material: Neoprene, Velcro, TPR

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