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Frisky 8-Piece Restraint Set


Frisky 8-Piece Restraint Set Frisky 8-Piece Restraint Set Frisky 8-Piece Restraint Set Frisky 8-Piece Restraint Set Frisky 8-Piece Restraint Set Frisky 8-Piece Restraint Set Frisky 8-Piece Restraint Set
$50.00 $39.95
Rating: (7 reviews)

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The Frisky Restraint Kit gives you everything you need to enjoy a night of light bondage play with your partner

This set is perfect for anyone who can't decide whether their partner looks prettier spread-eagle on the bed, bent over the armchair, or deliciously helpless on the dinner table. The Frisky 8-Piece Restraints System isn't going to limit you to any of them, as these restraints attach to just about any piece of furniture. The detachable straps are at the disposal of your creativity, as is your partner. Beginners will love the versatility and easy-to-use design, and even the more experienced Doms will appreciate the elegance of the metal D-rings and vegan-friendly faux leather and fur of these cuffs.


She's been working so hard these days that by the time she gets home, she doesn't have the energy to get frisky the way we used to. But I was determined to "spice things up" and I have a surprise waiting for her when she gets home tonight. She comes through the front door and immediately begins kicking off her high-heels, but freezes when she glances towards the couch. "You're always such a control-freak at work, honey. Tonight, I'm in control." Within minutes I have her strapped down with the Frisky 8-Piece Restraint Set, her knees spread the length of the loveseat and her arms splayed across the back. The straps are all tied tight to the legs of the couch. I hitch her skirt up around her thighs and bury my face in the sweet scent of her sex. She's moaning and pulling at the luxurious cuffs while I lick, suck, and replace her stress with orgasm after orgasm.

Frisky 8-Piece Restraint Kit Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Cuff: 2 inches in width, fits wrists between 8 and 12 inches in circumference; Strap: 45 inches in length when fully extended, 24.5 inches in length when fully cinched
  • Material: Faux leather and fur, plastic, metal
  • Color: Black and silver
  • Be creative as you place your partner in several bondage configurations
  • Set uses faux fur and soft leather for a comfortable fit
  • Secures using adjustable straps and buckles

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 27 January, 2016 by Ally Davis

    My master brought multiple sets and used them on me and 2 other girls he uses as sex slaves we are not allowed 2 speak unless spoken 2 or given permission but by the soundsame of mine and the others moans we all enjoyed this and the other products very much

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    Reviewed: Friday 07 August, 2015 by Justin Sanchez

    I read another review for this product (the only one that seemed like an actual review) And thought to myself, "oh whats the likelihood that the order would mix up like that again." The order came in, 4 wrist cuffs. I mean me and my partner can both just restrain ourselves and lay there, but what is the fun in that. Hopefully i hear back from customer service soon. The product is decent in quality if your just starting out and not looking to spend much.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 25 June, 2015 by Anon ymous

    This is a great product!! Must have for any pervert. I combine this with other toys from XR what a great night we both had. After dressing her up in her leather corset and fuck me heels with her slut collar I blindfolded and ball gaged her then put the ankle and wrist cuffs on her.I had her lay on the bed and I attach the straps she was spread eagle--helpless just like the picture!! Shaved cunt and bald asshole ready and open for my pleasure.I started with her huge 44 tits sucking them so her nipples were hard and eventually securing them with Nippple magnets.Then after a thorough rim job I inserted a huge butt plug in her freshly shaved ass.I know my slut well she wanted to be fucked right then and hard. So I gave her my hard cock in her dripping pussy so she could cum a few times. All she could do is moan and drool!! Then I got out the Hatachi magic wand and proceeded to torture for the next hour she had orgasm after orgasm.Then I released one of her arms so she could hold the magic wand and I could fuck her up her helpless little asshole-- after blowing my wad in her backdoor I resecured her arm and put the butt plug back in I got out the We Vibe and put it her pussy.After about an hour and few beers later I was ready for some more action. And she was ready just like I left her.I removed the ball gag and she begged to suck my cock so I honored her wish. She 69 me and begged me to lick her swollen clit after taking out the butt plug my first load began to leak from her ass onto my face this was making her so horny she was sucking me fircely wanting a load in her mouth! I couldn't hold back during her deep throating session so I let it fly again she didn't miss a drop!! What a horny SLUT I have!! We love these cuffs--FIVE STARS

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    Reviewed: Monday 02 March, 2015 by paul vo

    My wife bought this and talked me into putting me in this along with a open mouth gag. She likes to dominate me and said this would be true domination because i could not stop her. This got me excited so she put me into it. Then told me i will be her true slut. She call out ok he's ready. Two men came in and had there way with me. they had full access to my mouth and ass. they took turns with both holes. This is a great item and it made me so hot. My wife uses it on me all the time and once a month she makes me into a hot bi. thank you for dominate women and this restraint system.

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    Reviewed: Friday 26 December, 2014 by Dr\'s Sub Wife

    I am an outwardly conservative wife and mother of three. I never imagined that as a thirty-something housewife I would develop into a secret bondage slut for my husband. We had experimented in college a little with suit ties and bathrobe belts, but it never went to a full bondage level. Last year my husband surprised me with this bondage gear and has been pushing my limits ever since. He insists that I keep my pussy shaved and makes me go out in skirts and without panties every time he gets. Being tied naked spread eagle to our bed has now become an almost weekly occurrence. He surprised me one night when he untied my legs and lifted them almost over my head and tied them spread wide to the headboard. I felt completely exposed when he brought out his cell phone and started taking pictures - the first of many. He had another surprise when he started working an anal plug into my ass for the first time. The sex in that position with my ass filled was the best I had ever had. He has told me that he looks at the pictures when he is in the office and thinks about fucking my ass - I hope he never looses his cell phone. Only purchase this set if you want to have the best sex in your life!!

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