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Female Full Body Steel Chastity and Restraints System


Female Full Body Steel Chastity and Restraints System Female Full Body Steel Chastity and Restraints System Female Full Body Steel Chastity and Restraints System Female Full Body Steel Chastity and Restraints System Female Full Body Steel Chastity and Restraints System Female Full Body Steel Chastity and Restraints System
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A spectacular array of steel and rubber comprises this full body chastity and restraint system

Keep your submissive on lockdown! This full-body system restricts access to all of her most intimate parts. Featuring a bra, chastity belt, collar, wrist and thigh cuffs, and a network of chains, this system is designed to be visually stimulating and functional. Not only will your sub be unable to touch her slutty pussy and tits, but her mobility will be restricted as well. The collar includes a D-ring for additional chains, ropes, or a leash. Keep her desperately locked in the confines of this chastity system until you're ready to use her.

The entire restraint system is lined with a rubber trim and is entirely customizable. To fully confine your partner to your needs, each piece of the system can be adjusted with patience. Remove the rubber trim and unscrew each of the bolts (including those that secure the crotch strap) to fully customize the each part to your partner's perfect size. Rescrew the bolts , replace and cut the rubber trim to size and enjoy your partners desperation. We spent about an hour on sizing and customizing the Chastity belt and bra when shooting the model in the pictures. It was well worth it, be patient and go slow� It's a play seen all on its own.


she's on her hands and knees in the entryway when I get home from work, as she's been instructed. I can tell by the flush on her pretty little face that she's been aroused all day, locked in the Full Body Steel Chastity System. "May this slave please have Master's cock?" she whispers, her eyes focused on my leather boots. she has a hard time following Me to the dining room, her wrists and thighs being connected by chains to the locked bra and belt. she crawls slowly after me, desperate to be free of her metal prison and fucked hard. "Not yet," I tell her. Dinner is on the table, and I imagine how difficult it must have been for her to cook in the chastity system, not just because her mobility is restricted, but also because her pussy is dripping through the belt and down her legs. As I sit down, she crawls beneath the table and I allow her to unbuckle my pants and pull out my throbbing cock. she's starved for it, swallowing it whole and causing my fists to clench on the table. I hear the chains rattling and I suddenly want to unlock her and squeeze her tits, play with her clit, and finally allow her release. Even as she sucks and licks, her eyes follow My hand as it reaches into My pocket and pulls out a key. The corners of her mouth turn up in a smile around My cock. "Not until after dinner, pet."

Female Full Body Steel Chastity and Restraints System Contents:

  • (1) Collar with D-ring
  • (1) Metal Bra
  • (1) Chastity Belt
  • (1) Pair of wrist cuffs
  • (1) Pair of thigh cuffs

    Female Full Body Steel Chastity and Restraints System Specs and Benefits:

  • Sizing: Chastity belt: Fits waists between 24 and 36 inches in circumference; Collar: Adjustable from 17 to 18 inches in circumference; Bra: Adjustable up to 44 inches in circumference; Wrist cuffs: Adjustable from 8 to 9 inches in circumference; Thigh cuffs: Adjustable from 18 to 19 inches in circumference
  • Material: Steel, rubber
  • Color: Grey
  • This system is visually striking with an array of steel, rubber, and chains
  • Once applied, restricts access to your partner including breasts and vagina
  • Lined with rubber for comfort in wear and use
  • The D-ring, on the collar, means attachment of chains, rope, or a leash

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 16 December, 2015 by Anonymous

    This is the best toy I've ever bought. You see, I have two subs. They're so cute and submissive and very very affectionate. You might say they're constantly in heat. One is a lovely cook and the other takes care of everything else. Life would be perfect except for one thing - they like to pleasure themselves. Worse yet, they fell in love and can't help wanting to pleasure each other. I don't allow that, of course, which I why I got one this for each of them. It's wondeful. I have each of them wear hers 24x7. They can stroke each other as much as they like, but they can't climax. Now I can leave the house certain that they won't have satisfied their greedy little selves while I'm gone. And the thigh bands make sure that they don't go wandering about. Often, I take one of them to bed with me so she can pleasure me. She knows if she's very very good, I may release her from her outfit, so she makes certain that I'm satisfied. But if she's not perfect in every way, it just stays on. The other one wears her's all night regardless. As you might imagine, each of them is so very eager to be the chosen one. Their collars and cuffs stay on all the time. I like the look and it keeps them properly submissive. Usually, I leave the wrist chains on too. It makes everything more difficult for them, but isn't that what restraints are all about? On nights when I'm too tired to want either of them, I have them sleep together. Of course, they can't help stroking and kissing each other all night. They are so much in love. It arouses them wonderfully. When they get up the next morning, the look in their eyes is wonderful - so pleading, so tender, so wanting, so helpless. Life is perfect, all because of this wonderful toy. Thank you for making it.

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    Reviewed: Monday 18 May, 2015 by sandra Hillview

    My husband got this for me just before we were married. I have to wear the belt all the time and the rest depending. Like when hes out of town he makes me wear the thigh bands so there is no way I can pleasure myself at all. If its going to be more than a few days, me makes me wear the bra too. I wont way I like it, but it does what its supposed to do.

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