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White Knight 10 Mode Electro Vibe Wand


White Knight 10 Mode Electro Vibe Wand White Knight 10 Mode Electro Vibe Wand White Knight 10 Mode Electro Vibe Wand White Knight 10 Mode Electro Vibe Wand White Knight 10 Mode Electro Vibe Wand White Knight 10 Mode Electro Vibe Wand
$130.00 $97.50
Rating: (3 reviews)

The White Knight offers a stimulating combination of electrosex and vibration pleasure

In one handy, ergonomic design, the White Knight wand offers both vibration and electrosex pleasures. The control panel, in the front, allows you to select from 5 levels of electro and vibration intensities; both are independently controlled so you can find that right pleasure setting for you. Switch back and forth between electro and vibrating, or have them work in tandem for ultimate sensations. The uniquely shaped silicone head features a pointed, contoured tip and texture elements for the ultimate in targeted stimulation.

White Knight 10 Mode Electro Vibe Wand Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 12.75 inches in total length, head measures 2.3 inches in diameter
  • Material: Silicone, ABS, metal
  • Color: White
  • Power: Comes with US 110v power cord
  • Features independent controls for both the electro and vibrating intensities
  • The silicone head is designed for pinpoint stimulation wherever you want it

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    Reviewed: Friday 23 June, 2017 by Anonymous

    Just got this. I'm a novice to E-stim but thought it sounded fun so I'm trying it. As far as the vibrator function goes, I'll compare this with a regular Hitachi Magic Wand. The Zeus White Knight is about half the weight of the Hitachi. It has 5 levels of vibrator adjustment instead of 2. The lack of weight seems to contribute to a comparatively low vibration strength in the Zeus. That being said, it's still plenty to do the job. The cord on the Zeus is about 4 feet long. The head on the Zeus is definitely a nicer design than the Hitachi. The bumps and ribs on the head are all smooth silicone and there is a nub on the tip. Overall the surface is smoother and has less edges than a Hitachi. The head on the Zeus is significantly more flexible than the Hitachi and it also is covered in a rubber (or silicone?) gasket thing which would appear to make it more waterproof. For the E-stim part. I first tried it on my leg (dry) on the lowest setting just to see what it felt like. It fucking hurt. It almost felt like hairs getting pulled out 10 at a time over and over. I tried it with some water based lube spread in a thin layer on my leg and it felt pretty similar. I then read one of the other reviews here that mentioned to use a lot of conductive lube with it to avoid a bite. So I tried it again with a shitton of water based lube (just regular Astroglide). It was way better. I used the vibrator on 5/5 and the E-Stim on 1/5 while fucking a Fleshlight to have a really intense but kinda weird orgasm. I just had the head of the Zeus right above my cock, occasionally bumping into my shaft. Whenever it hit my shaft, the shocks would travel down the top of the shaft into the head of my dick and felt super intense but also fucking great. This made me cum in less than 30 seconds. But it was almost like the shocks induced an orgasm that arrived artificially quickly. As soon as I removed the E-Stim (which, for whatever reason I did rather reflexively as soon as I started cumming) my orgasm was pretty much over. I chalk this up to inexperience and not maintaining the stimulation. The E-Stim settings have a constant on as well as a manual pulse. The constant on was a pulse about 5/second. I just left it on the constant on. The one thing I will say bad for this toy is that the E-Stim is way too strong. Even the lowest level was kinda painful. I didn't even try the top level but I can't see it feeling less strong than a dog's shock collar. I'd suggest having a wider range of voltages (or currents? idk) for this toy. So that it can go from tingling to painful. Instead of from painful to really painful. Or perhaps make another version that is less powerful. But that's just my 2 cents and, as mentioned, I wasn't using conductive lube. So maybe that was the biggest issue.

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    Reviewed: Friday 15 January, 2016 by White Knight\'s Princess

    I just received my White Knight some time last week. I was a little worried cause the box was badly damaged. But the vibrator appeared okay. I opened it today, and decided that I was ready to see my White Knight in the sheets with me. At first, he was a bit uncooperative when I was trying to figure out how to turn him on. But then I discovered his buttons were simply stiff, and just needed a little bit of coaxing since he was brand new. Anyway... I tried about power level 3. I'm not a person who likes to go to the end of the scale right away, but I started at 1. I don't really understand the other function yet, but I was pleased at how quiet he was as he vibrated between my legs. My previous wand was a Hitachi massager that... well... was LOUD. But my White Knight knew I liked to be secretive about my dirty play. And next thing I knew, I was reaching my precipice of desire. Unlike the forceful stimulations where I feel I have to start thrusting my vibrator into my sassy, I was pleasantly surprised my White Knight took good care of me. His head was shaped in a way that really worked me up. I mean sure there was some guidance on my part, but overall he took me to my destination. I honestly kept saying in my head, oh my. My White Knight has slain me. And at the same time, it made me think of how chivalrous and perfect the name is. To abide in getting me off, this vibrator is hands down - the best vibrator I have ever purchased. And I have had six prior to this. Good job, Zeus.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 07 November, 2015 by Anonymous

    Curious about estim so I bought this to play with my with, she was comfortable because we already own a magic wand, the vibes aren't as strong but the head is much more versatile and wife says it feels much better, the electro part is amazing, though make sure there is plenty of conductive lube or you will get a shocking bite, my wife went crazy while I used this! She was restraind with a spreader bar and tied down so she couldn't get away, after getting her warmed up with the vibe I put the power on the first level making sure she was OK with it and started going up on the power level, she started moaning and screaming, and shaking at half power by the time I got to full power she was cumming so hard she could hardly make any noise, when I finally decided to give her a break her face was covered in tears and sweat, all she could say was oh my god... This is definitely worth buying.

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