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Wand Essentials Tri-Gasm Wand Attachment


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$24.00 $17.95
Rating: (8 reviews)

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The Tri-Gasm wand attachment turns your wand massager into a vibrating double penetrator! Great for use on men or women, the longer part can be inserted for ideal g-spot or prostate stimulation. On a female-bodied person, the nub will stimulate the clitoris while the back extension will reach around to either vibrate against the entrance to the anus, or even press inside. On a male-bodied person, either the longest or the back portion can be inserted, while the perineum and testicles receive a vibrating massage from the other parts of the device.


I wake in the middle of the night from a dream that has left me sticky between the thighs, but still unsatisfied. I know I won't be able to get back to sleep without getting myself off, so I reach toward the side of my bed, where my wand is plugged in. The dream felt so real, having my insides massaged by a hot man with his lips all over me. Being pulled towards him by that spot inside. I know I need more than just the wand tonight. The Tri-Gasm Wand Attachment is close at hand, instantly making my wand even better. It reaches into me and I moan as pressure is applied to my g-spot. His thumb had brushed lightly against my clitoris, just as a nub of the attachment now vibrates against it. I arch into it and the back part of the toy teases against my tight rosebud of an anus. It vibrates but I want more, so I press the wand harder into me and, just like in the dream, everything goes deeper. I'm suddenly overwhelmed by the sensation, my knees shaking and my chest heaving.


  • Material: TPR (Phthalates/Latex Free)
  • Color: White
  • Total Length - 6"
  • Insertable Length - Vaginal - 3", Anus - 2", Clit Nub - 1.25"
  • Vaginal Extension - 1.5" wide at top, 5/8" wide at the shaft.
  • Anal Extension - 1" wide at top, 1/2" wide at the shaft
  • Compatible with the Hitachi Magic Wand and all Trinity Wand Massagers

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Reviewed: Wednesday 30 March, 2016 by Alicia Morning

This attachment feels so great! It really hits my g-spot and the curve it has, it almost suchions itself inside of me. I can play with myself for a long time with this toy. The g-spot orgasms are awesome! My husband loves using this on me while I go down on him. This attachment is a must!

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Reviewed: Friday 23 May, 2014 by Anonymous

Great attachment brought me right to an orgasm although the anal insert part is kind of awkward to put in

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Reviewed: Saturday 10 August, 2013 by Anonymous

Best wand attachment ever! I've been through a few of these over the past several years. It hits all the pleasure points and gives me major orgasms. I'm surprised its not more popular than it is, because once I got it, nothing else would do. About the attachment slipping off these, I use two small, wide elastic bands on the wand ball and they stay on fine. I've tried other attachments (even a $45 one) and nothing comes close to this one.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 30 March, 2011 by Anonymous

I never knew where my g-spot was. I never had an orgasm from g-spot stimulation alone. I never squirted while orgasming. NOT ANYMORE! This attachment is absolutely fabulous! Even though the anal probe part is difficult to insert solo, I don't care. It does tickle the ass fine enough. No slippage with my Hitachi wand. I also have never had anything that really grabs my g-spot, and I have tried many that boast that. And since I have a small introitus to the vagina, size does matter for me -- too big and it only hurts rather than pleasures. This felt wonderful... x a million. My biggest problem? This is WAY TOO ADDICTIVE. Good thing I had all day to play with this when I originally bought it because I managed to actually fuck myself stupid. The g-spot stimulator is soooo good for clitoral play. I can make really intense foreplay last for hours before cumming. And it can only take me 90 seconds once my Hitachi starts in on my g-spot, and my orgasm is so intense, I'll pass out. I'm afraid I'll break my Hitachi soon enough... burning out the motor while playing with this wand attachment. Better get a back-up on both.

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Reviewed: Friday 26 March, 2010 by Anonymous

surprised my wife with this and it took her right over the edge. First cupping her clit as it slid in got her purring, but when the perfectly sized back popped it, well that sent her over the edge. Anyone looking to surprise there mate, this is perfect.

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