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Wand Essentials Tri-Gasm Wand Attachment

SKU: PM106

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Wand Essentials Tri-Gasm Wand Attachment

SKU: PM106

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The Tri-Gasm wand attachment turns your wand massager into a vibrating double penetrator! Great for use on men or women, the longer part can be inserted for ideal g-spot or prostate stimulation. On a female-bodied person, the nub will stimulate the clitoris while the back extension will reach around to either vibrate against the entrance to the anus, or even press inside. On a male-bodied person, either the longest or the back portion can be inserted, while the perineum and testicles receive a vibrating massage from the other parts of the device.


I wake in the middle of the night from a dream that has left me sticky between the thighs, but still unsatisfied. I know I won't be able to get back to sleep without getting myself off, so I reach toward the side of my bed, where my wand is plugged in. The dream felt so real, having my insides massaged by a hot man with his lips all over me. Being pulled towards him by that spot inside. I know I need more than just the wand tonight. The Tri-Gasm Wand Attachment is close at hand, instantly making my wand even better. It reaches into me and I moan as pressure is applied to my g-spot. His thumb had brushed lightly against my clitoris, just as a nub of the attachment now vibrates against it. I arch into it and the back part of the toy teases against my tight rosebud of an anus. It vibrates but I want more, so I press the wand harder into me and, just like in the dream, everything goes deeper. I'm suddenly overwhelmed by the sensation, my knees shaking and my chest heaving.


  • Material: TPR (Phthalates/Latex Free)
  • Color: White
  • Total Length - 6"
  • Insertable Length - Vaginal - 3", Anus - 2", Clit Nub - 1.25"
  • Vaginal Extension - 1.5" wide at top, 5/8" wide at the shaft.
  • Anal Extension - 1" wide at top, 1/2" wide at the shaft
  • Compatible with the Hitachi Magic Wand and all Trinity Wand Massagers

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