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Waterproof Vibrator


Rating: (8 reviews)

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Adjustable Waterproof Vibe

This 7 inch vibrator will get your attention under water and above. It has a cool see through design and a slim line shape. The top of the vibrator has a propeller shaped steel bullet that rotates inside the vibe. It's neat to watch it spin and pulse. Intensity is adjustable using the knob at the base.

The vibrator is 7 inches, with a tapered shaft from 1 inch in diameter to 3/8 of an inch.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 11 January, 2017 by Anonymous

This is such a great vibrator and great buy. It is slim, smooth, and has a nice, strong vibration. It is also considerably quieter than other vibrators, great for discretion! It is perfectly waterproof and fun for any situation. Good beginner vibe as well.

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Reviewed: Saturday 11 October, 2014 by Anonymous

I love this little baby I had to mess with the wiring to get the first one to work. but after I told the awesome people at extreme restrains I was promptly sent a second one that worked (with added batteries) out of the box. These are very much water proof as I take mine into the shower all the time and are good for all clit, light g spot play and light anal. the only draw backs I see is that it can get a little hot after a while and it not only is a bit too noisy to take on vacation with the family but this vibe eats batteries for breakfast. other then that this was a sound 11.99 investment which I will be doing again since the first vibe fell prey to a large dog that thought it was a chew toy

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Reviewed: Friday 16 September, 2011 by Anonymous

This was my first vibrator ever and I LOVE it. It's very versitile as I can take it from the shower to the bed and I can just go, go, go! (And come, come, come, too!) I like it best for clitoral stimulus, though not a bad little toy for insertion, either (though I prefer something thicker). And as another reviewer stated, it gets HOT if used over a long period of time. It's pink rather than the dark red I was expecting, but I don't hold the color against it. Absolutely wonderful.

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Reviewed: Saturday 10 September, 2011 by PLayful Nympho

I really love this one. Even tho im a guy its one of my top faves. not only is it light weight but its really slim, no hard edges that go inside, and the vibration on this one is insanely intense!! I really love using this one and it gets me fixed in no time... An a great part of it is that its water proof so you can easily clean it and not worry about it breaking while in use too ;P best part about it i think is the lv of vibration it delivers!! not many i have tried go this intense!! its a must have for any one. ;P

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Reviewed: Tuesday 08 April, 2008 by Alan J Smith

This is a great starter vibrator, especially since it is so cheap and even waterproof. It does not however, handle prolonged use. It tends to eat batteries and get hot if it is over used. But it was used a lot! Best vibrator I ever bought for $11.99.

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