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Single Rosebud Sound


Single Rosebud Sound Single Rosebud Sound
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Stimulate his urethra and give him memorable sexual pleasure with this Single Rose Bud Sound. These chrome-plated stainless steel sounds go easily and smoothly into the urethra, thereby stretching it giving him great erotic pleasure. You can then slide them in and out causing great sensations. There are three urethral sounds that graduate in size: small (3 mm diameter), medium (5 mm diameter), large (7 mm diameter).

The cost given is per urethral sound. Choose the size that you would need.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 12 March, 2014 by Anonymous

I have the 7. It is plenty big enough to feel super. The very best use is when my wife slides it very slowly into my cock. Once in most of the way she slides a long slender dildo into my ass, again very slowly. Then the best begins. Alternating pumps of the dildo in my ass and the steel in my cock. The pleasure is intense. She teases me by making the pleasure last before finally stroking my cock until I come. It is the best.

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Reviewed: Friday 07 February, 2014 by Anon ymous

The feeling of one of these going into my cock is fantastic especially when my wife does the honors. Best of all she slowly fucks my ass with a very long flexible dildo at the same time. I come like a teenager even though l'm 60. This fun is a must for anyone with an open mind.

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Reviewed: Saturday 28 April, 2012 by Anonymous

Got my hubby the medium size one, he absolutely loves it. Going to move him on to larger size. It was our 1st foray into sounding, glad I had read reviews on here and not got smallest one.

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Reviewed: Sunday 26 February, 2012 by p nh

WOW had the most super time with the 7! A bit to small but I have never CUM so hard in m my life! Bigger Bader and electro next!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 06 December, 2011 by Anonymous

I like a number 10 or 11 for my orgasm. I like to keep it in the middle of the prostate, the back pressure forces most of the cum juices back into my bladder very intense orgasm. Ive used one with a dildo in the ass at the same time. Very pleasurable and can make you vocal when you cum.

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