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The Lick it Vibrator


The Lick it Vibrator The Lick it Vibrator
$8.00 $3.95
Rating: (10 reviews)

What's better than oral sex? The Lick It Vibrator is designed to slip easily over the tongue for 40 continuous minutes of vibration. Offer the experience of your hot, wet mouth exactly how your partner likes it, with the surprise of vibration against the clitoris, scrotum, or anywhere else. Get creative and give your partner a gift they'll never forget. There are few things better than oral sex, but oral sex with vibration might be one of them.


My neighbors are a gorgeous couple. I used to hear them fucking through our shared wall-the mattress squeaking, the moaning and groaning, hands coming down hard on a bare ass. But everything changed one night when I got locked out of my apartment. They invited me over and suddenly I was the one moaning and my ass was getting spanked! Now I'm a regular guest in their adventurous sex life, so I decided to get them a little gift. I knock on the door with the Lick It Vibrator already in my mouth. She feels it vibrating as shoves her tongue in my mouth. Within minutes she's sucking his cock while the vibrator on my tongue massages his balls. He pushes us back on the bed and my face is instantly between her legs while he fucks me from behind. Finally, she and I sixty-nine while he fucks her from behind and my tongue vibrates between her clit and his balls. She cums, moaning around my pussy, causing me to climax under her. Even after we've all finished, my mouth is still buzzing. "We need to get more of those," he says

Specifications: Made of 100% silicone. It's designed to fit tongues of any size. It measures 2" in length and 1.25" in diameter.

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Reviewed: Friday 08 January, 2016 by Barbara Bodnar

Terrible. Does not hold on tongue well.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 10 November, 2015 by Anonymous

Awful. Used solo. The vibration lasted way less than the 40 minutes. And zero pressure or power. I wish I had shelled out a few extra bucks for a better oral simulation device.

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Reviewed: Monday 15 September, 2014 by Anonymous

Vibrator is weak, hard to keep on tongue. Took out the vibe and used the tongue part on other vibrators. That was AWESOME.

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Reviewed: Friday 10 January, 2014 by Ima Model

I received this item a long time ago and it's been amazing! Although I've never used it on the tongue like in the picture, using it manually is just as great! I wish all men were equipped with a vibrator in their tongue. Amiright?!

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Reviewed: Sunday 11 August, 2013 by sting Harwoods

hard to keep on your tongue but with some artistic moves with my tongue it drove her crazzzzyy, specially around her click and inner walls then down at her butt, bought another one.

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