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iGasm Spinning Stimulator


iGasm Spinning Stimulator iGasm Spinning Stimulator iGasm Spinning Stimulator iGasm Spinning Stimulator iGasm Spinning Stimulator iGasm Spinning Stimulator iGasm Spinning Stimulator
$159.99 $119.99
Rating: (1 reviews)

Lay back while this powerful tool spins and swirls!

Cum one, cum all! Men will love sticking their cock in the twirling pleasure cup and women will love having their pussy licked by the circulating tongues! The incredible power of this versatile tool is perfect for those who like to share their toys with a partner. Imagine the sexual possibilities with a handheld machine that vibrates and rotates, simulating oral sex that doesn’t quit until you’ve shuddered out at least one orgasm! A set of buttons controls each of the independent functions, including 3 speeds of rotation in both directions, 3 speeds of vibrations, and 3 patterns of pulsation. The male accessory is a soft cup filled with tendrils that will whirl around his cock head. The female accessory is a wheel of tongues that she can feel revolving against her clit and labia, and a center portion of soft ticklers that will target her most sensitive parts. Put on a show for your lover with the iGasm, and then use it to push them over the edge! The possibilities are endless, and so is your pleasure!

iGasm Spinning Stimulator for Him and Her specifications:

  • Measurements: 10.5 inches in length. Handle is 1.75 inches. Male accessory has a 2 inch inner diameter and is 2 inches insertable. Female accessory is 4 inches in diameter.
  • Material: ABS, TPR.
  • Note: Includes 110v US cord. Cord must be plugged into handle for device to function.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 10 January, 2017 by Michael Visger

    Sad about this product as it has so much potential. Simply put, the vibration died 5 minuets into use and never came back. The buttons were not quite as easy to use as their simple design would suggest, and that made it move confusing when the vibration quit, because at first I though we were doing something wrong. No, just a dead function there. Still, the spinning was working but - it's not very powerful. We've tried it as a toy "for him" so far but never got the full pleasure out of it. We'll try the function on her later, as we moved on to a different toy to get over our being sad about this one. I have to say I've got a battery powered screwdriver (4AA batteries) with about 3-4 times the power this seems to have. I like the concept, but really they could sell the attachments to fit on a rechargeable drill and come out better. Definitely not worth the inflated price - so if you want to try it please buy it on sale to make sure you feel you got something closer to it's value.

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