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Spider Mouth Gags


Spider Mouth Gags Spider Mouth Gags
$21.95 $16.95
Rating: (12 reviews)

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Enjoy tantalizing bondage play with these Spider Mouth Gags!

When creating a sexy and hot bondage scene, having your partner's mouth open can be a tantalizing visual as well as sexual experience. These Spider Gags are designed to keep your partner's mouth open wide enough that you can place whatever you wish into the opening. The O-Ring in the center measures 1.25" inside diameter, so just use your imagination as to what you wish to place inside of it.

Spider Mouth Gags Specs and Benefits:

  • Material: Gag (Steel); Head Strap (Leather)
  • Fits heads from 15" to 25" in circumference (the measurement around the head)
  • Places an O-Ring, 1.25" inside diameter into your partner's mouth and allows you to place whatever you wish inside.
  • Use it to create that hot and exciting bondage scene

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    Reviewed: Friday 03 March, 2017 by Anonymous

    Excellant my wife puts me in this when she uses me as a human ashtray, it is uncomfortable but I really enjoy having to wear it.

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    Reviewed: Friday 06 June, 2014 by Anonymous

    A fan of this very uncomfortable gag :) Now this gag has a great design and fits great in my mouth but this is my first metal gag and this hurts my teeth after just a few minutes. Of course I'm sure that's just because its metal but it hurts ;) Also there is no way any penis is going to fit in there at least not easily but it does keep the tongue out so there are lots of ways to use this gag :) Also I have never drooled more with any gag so be prepared :)

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    Reviewed: Thursday 29 August, 2013 by In training

    My husband got this to train me how to properly give him blowjobs. he puts it on me and then puts the nipple clamps on my tongue so I learn to keep my tongue out when he deep throats me.

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    Reviewed: Monday 29 July, 2013 by Anonymous

    I used this twice with my husband and kept it in place for 45 minutes for him to cum three times in my open mouth as he tilted my head back making me swallow. I liked it better the second time. The third time I was capturing the production of three guys, each enjoying my open mouth and ability to gargle and swallow. I have used the Spider over a dozen times since we got it at the first of July. Hubby is shopping for something new now since I keep telling him I am enjoying this one.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 21 May, 2013 by Anonymous

    Um, I really enjoy the Idea Of This item. But! It does not work for me. I'm not a large man but my member doesn't come even close to fitting in the ring. Great idea, but a definite bust if you're average or better.

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