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Rubber Penis Gag w/ Airway


Rubber Penis Gag w/ Airway Rubber Penis Gag w/ Airway
Rating: (5 reviews)
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Inflatable Rubber Gag with Breathing Tube

For those that are looking for an all rubber inflatable gag, this is it! This penis gag has a .5 inch hole that feeds through a 9 inch long hollow rubber tube. This allows for easier breathing or for some great breath play by opening or closing the hole. Fluids can also pass through the rubber tube and into mouth making the gag a whole lot of fun!

Gag secures by means of a rubber buckle strap and inflates by means of a rubber hand pump. A valve on the hand pump controls the amount of air flow into the gag.

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Reviewed: Monday 13 May, 2013 by Anonymous

Flimsy, easily broken, and very expensive for the quality and fit. Invest the same amount into some more sturdy..ahem. It's a great disappointment.

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Reviewed: Friday 15 March, 2013 by Anonymous

The Strap is cheap and hard to control, and the first time I used it the Valve that controls the Air Flow burst. I can only recommend this if you plan on attaching the gag to an Enema Bottle for that kind of play. Otherwise, don't bother.

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Reviewed: Sunday 03 March, 2013 by Anonymous

I love this gag I bought this for my Mistress to use with our sensory depavation hood but, Mistress likes to use it to force feed me vial baby food by connecting the tube to a jerky gun and forcing the putred mush down my throat. once its inflated I can't push it out. I wish the strap was leather but so far it has been great.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 05 June, 2012 by Anonymous

I wanted to like this, but can't. The buckle mechanism is a cheap, thin, stamped-metal affair. The strap is rubber, which has the advantage of elasticity, but the disadvantage of frailty. Ours tore apart where the buckle held into the hole. On the upside, the strap is held onto the gag with easy-to-replace rivets, if I want to cut some latex and poke holes in it I can effect a repair without too much trouble. I have gone back to the sturdier leather-strapped inflatable gag -- it is far more durable.

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Reviewed: Sunday 26 November, 2006 by slave laura

my Mistress had me buy this and the rubber penis sheath with the tube on the end. She had me connect the 2 of them together with some soft rubber tubing. Now when Mistress allows me to cum She will tie me down and gag me with the gag and put the sheath on me and play with me for hours, bringing me to the point over and over again until finally She allows me to cum. Once I do she directs it all to my mouth throught the tubing. You all should make these and sell them like this!!!!!

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