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Locking Penis Pump Gag


Locking Penis Pump Gag Locking Penis Pump Gag Locking Penis Pump Gag Locking Penis Pump Gag Locking Penis Pump Gag
Rating: (15 reviews)

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This Inflatable Gag Has A Penis Too!

This is a staff favorite. Our inflatable penis pump gag does it all! It provides locking security, fills the mouth with attached rubber penis and can be inflated to really push your limits. High quality latex rubber construction and versatility give this gag two thumbs up. Note that the cord is not detachable.

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Reviewed: Monday 09 October, 2017 by Anonymous

This is my all time favourite gag. Too bad it broke after "only" ten years of usage. I think I need to buy a new one. ;)

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Reviewed: Thursday 09 June, 2016 by Anonymous

This gag is my absolute favorite! Love how it can slowly turn speech into a muffle, then to silence. Good quality, fits well on about anyone and works just like it should. Would recommend this to anyone who likes the idea of getting their mouth stuffed with dick to be silenced.

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Reviewed: Friday 05 June, 2015 by sissy slave

works so nice. your master can lock it on and really pump it up to fill your mouth and you will not be able to get it out no matter hard you try.

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Reviewed: Thursday 15 January, 2015 by Barry blowjob

This gag was amazing. My girlfriend used this on me and put me into complete submission. She loves pumping it to the fullest and train me to slurp. She even plays a hypnotic training for learning to love sucking with this. She loves this gag on me and I love wearing it for her.

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Reviewed: Thursday 15 May, 2014 by Anonymous

Oh. My. God. LOVE this gag. Worth every cent. Perfectly comfortable even locked in at tightest setting. No safe words with this - tap-outs only!

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