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Inflatable Butterfly Gag with O-Ring


Inflatable Butterfly Gag with O-Ring Inflatable Butterfly Gag with O-Ring Inflatable Butterfly Gag with O-Ring Inflatable Butterfly Gag with O-Ring Inflatable Butterfly Gag with O-Ring
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Rubber Butterfly Gag and O-Ring Gag Combined for Maximum Restriction

This is one of our most restrictive gags. Once stuffed in the mouth and inflated, your sub will be completely silenced.

Now also offered with our leather O-Ring gag to insure maximum security. Slide the O-Ring over the latex rubber butterfly gag to ensure that it can not be ejected from the mouth. The O ring gag can also be used without the butterfly gag, making it 2 gags in 1!

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Reviewed: Friday 16 December, 2016 by Anonymous

Very good you can't push it out when inflated and it keeps you silent

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Reviewed: Friday 15 January, 2016 by Anonymous

My boyfriend and I LOVE this gag. He uses it to keep me completely silent - and it works! We use it without the O Ring and it has no problem staying in place - he pumps it up as much as he can without completely blocking my air supply, and there is no way i can force it out of my mouth. We both love how much drool this gag produces too - just adds to that feeling of helplessness!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 04 April, 2012 by Ocirus Wolf

So far a cant tell much if this gag was good or not. Whether it happened during shipping or when it was made, I pulled this gag right out of the box with a serious leak where the inflatable part meets the cap. This was very disappointing to me because I was really excited to use this wonder, but it seems that the adhesive wore away revealing a imperfection. Don't get me wrong, I still have faith that this is going to be an awesome gag. I managed to try it for a few moments before I noticed it was broke and it did exactly what I wanted. Filled me well, shut me up, and felt comfortable and sturdy. Now just a matter of keeping it inflated... I believe I still have a warranty with it and hope I can switch it in for a non defected one. I really do wanna use this with my gf and see how much she enjoys the silencing! All we need is to find a REALLY great muzzle to make it impossible to remove. Think I might end up making on similar to those on infernalrestraints.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 12 July, 2011 by Anonymous

My man and i are into extreme bondage and extremely kinky play. we bought this gag and I cant get enough of it! he loves how much it fills my mouth and how completely it silences me; and I love the feeling as it pushes against my cheeks as he inflates it more and more. Using the gag with it is that much better. he loves how i am completely silent as he does whatever he wants to me and loves to watch the drool run down my face and chest

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Reviewed: Tuesday 06 October, 2009 by Liz Nahod

I love this gag! My boy surprised me with it one night and strapped me into it. I couldn't make a sound and I love the way it fills the mouth! It looks so erotic and sensual, especially when the person wearing it is in bondage. Highly recommended for anyone who loves mouth filling gags!

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