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The Tenderizer Spiked Paddle Slapper

SKU: AE459

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The Tenderizer Spiked Paddle Slapper

SKU: AE459

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Take your impact play to the next level... if you dare!... Read more...


Take your impact play to the next level... if you dare!

This extreme paddle is no joke! Not for the faint of heart, this crop-shaped paddle is made of heavy aluminum, with a spiked waffle texture on one side to tenderize your masochist's delicious meat without breaking the skin! Firm and inflexible, this weapon of ass destruction will deliver a hard thud, whether you're using it on the spiked side or the flat, smooth side. The ribbing of the handle allows you to maintain a sure grip as you swing, giving your pain slut the kind of pain and pleasure that they have been craving!


She emerges from the en suite in cloud of steam, still freckled with tiny wet pearls from her shower. Dew drops on a morning flower. Even after this long, I'm still entranced by her beauty. But it's Saturday, and there's nowhere to go and nothing to do, so I begin the day by corrupting that loveliness that drives me so crazy. "Drop the towel," I tell her, brandishing the Tenderizer that she begged me to get for her. Her eyes widen and, just for a fraction of a second, I see a smile ghost across her lips before the towel hits the floor. "Get over here and bend over the bed," I demand, admiring he bounce of her tits as she crosses the room and puts her palms flat on the duvet, her ass in the air. It's healed since the last time I beat it. My little pain slut likes it pretty much as hard as I can deliver it, with crops, paddles, floggers, canes... anything you can imagine. But the Tenderizer is the first metal device I've used on her, and she was curious what the spikes would feel like on her pretty ass. I take my time caressing her backside with the metal paddle, both with the smooth and the textured side. Her back arches and, when I look between her legs, I see that she's already soaking wet. Gorgeous. Finally I begin tapping her ass, slowly building up to harder impact. She's squirming and moaning and her ass is turning pink. "I think you're ready for a little more," I tell her, drawing my arm back further.

The Tenderizer Spiked Paddle Slapper Specifications:

  • Measurements: 22.5 inches in length, 3 inches in diameter
  • Material: Aluminum, metal
  • This crop-shaped paddle features heavy aluminum, with a spiked waffle texture
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