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Tenga Flip Orb

SKU: RA101

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Tenga Flip Orb

SKU: RA101

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Ride The Wave and Feel The Rush!

Rub your dick against the soft yet firm orbs and wavy ridges inside the Tenga Flip Orb! The stimulating orbs are suspended in Tengas notoriously pleasurable elastomer material that is the perfect blend of softness and texture, hidden among the wavy ridges found only in the Blue Rush version of this Tenga Flip!

Thrust yourself through the undulating waves that weave between each orb, and feel the balls wriggle and roll against your dick! The ergonomic hourglass shape makes this pleasure tool easy to use – the pressure pads on the outside allow you to control the pressure on your member for the perfect squeeze and sensation.

The titular Flip open feature allows you to lubricate the entirety of this sleeve with ease, and even makes cleaning and drying quick and frustration free.

Tenga Flip Orb Specs:

  • Materials: ABS, PC, Elastomer
  • Dimensions: Width 3.39 inches, Diameter 2.8, Height 7 inches. Insertion length 5.52 inches, insertion width 1.38 inches.
  • Weight: approximately 0.93 lbs
  • Color: Blue/White
  • Included: 2 sample lotion packs and detailed instructions
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