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Strict Leather Leg Binders


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$260.00 $199.00
Rating: (2 reviews)
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Expand your bondage horizons with these intense binders!

Lock up your lover in these sexy Strict Leather Leg Binders! Restricting their movement allows you to be in complete control during any bondage scenario. A great addition to any bondage gear collection, these binders are made from premium leather and can be easily adjusted and locked for the perfect, secure fit. Enjoy the erotic anticipation and sexy power play of these exciting binders!

Strict Leather Leg Binders Specs and Benefits:

  • Approximate Measurements: Top strap (1st) adjusts from 17"-21" around; 2nd strap from 16"-19.75", 3rd strap 14.75"-18.5", 4th strap from 13.25"-17", and bottom (5th) strap from 12.5"-16"; foot strap adjusts from 6.25"-13.5" around
  • Material: Leather
  • Color: Black
  • D-rings on back of leg binders at both top and bottom
  • Six locking buckle closures on each leg binder
  • Can be used with or without locks
  • locks sold separately

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    Reviewed: Friday 14 November, 2014 by Anonymous

    I had a bit of an adventure where these were concerned. Before I ordered them, I made sure to measure my legs several times and was well within the range of each strap measurement, but didn't know where to begin measuring from. These are basically splints; you need to measure from about 1/3 to 1/2 way up your thigh on down. I am taller than most women, and my legs are proportionally a little bit longer than these were obviously intended for. When I received the item, I was very disappointed to discover that these simply didn't fit. I re-measured my legs and confirmed that they were supposed to fit, but they didn't. Unfortunately, the straps run longer than the actual leather enclosure part of the item, meaning that the tight, confining fit of the item was impossible to achieve. I'm fortunate enough to know a few of the leather workers around town and was able to get the binders adjusted for a small but modest fee. We let the straps out longer so that we could get the binders to cinch down despite not closing all the way around my legs. As to how the binders work when they fit properly, I absolutely love them! Escaping my Top became significantly more difficult, and the generous number of attachment points led to a variety of interesting positions and challenging forced orgasms. Getting the binders working properly was a total pain, but well worth it. I highly recommend them but do know someone in your community who can adjust them to your body type before you buy them.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 11 December, 2010 by jenny jones

    i had a friend make these for me as when i wanted them they was not on the market these are a fantasic leg binder. i got them for my slave and i put them on her since she kept moving her legs about. they are great item to have. my slave hates them as she is forced to stand perfectly still when shes wearing them and they look with a pair of ballet boots or shoes as the strap under the foot keeps the shoes on. ideal item to show off your slave or sub to friends just as i did the other night when i got her to wear a full body cat suit and arm splints and leg binders together with a pair of ballet boots

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