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Seamless Open Crotch Bodystocking


Rating: (2 reviews)

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Lycra Seamless Open Crotch Bodystocking

One size fits Most (90-165 lbs)


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Reviewed: Sunday 12 February, 2012 by Tom Gibson

My wife makes me were this bodystocking with panties when she takes me to the local adult bookstore. Once at the store I take off my trenchcoat and forced to wear 5" heels and a leash around my neck. Wife leads me thru store looking for potential fuck buddies. Most are male but we have had some women too. Wife loves to have men fuck my asshole and mouth. Sometimes she even has two men suck each others cocks and have sex in front of us. The one with the best prowess gets the chance to fuck me or her. Other times she wears a strap-on under her skirt and fucks whomever while I watch and masturbate:)

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Reviewed: Tuesday 14 June, 2011 by Owned and Used

My owner and I just moved into one of those 55 plus housing developments. He is 55, but I am only 24. This development is extremely isolated and protected. All of the homeowners (except us) are previous and current swingers. He knew this when he purchased, but I did not know. I did notice how many of the men leered openly at me, and so did many of the women. The second Saturday night after we settled in, they held a party in the community center. He decided to take me, and he layed out my outfit on the bed. It consisted of this bodystocking, a small black string bikini top, a short flared black skirt, and very high heels. I thought that this was too sexy to wear, but when you are owned, you don't question your owner. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked very sexy. I am 5'4", 130 lbs. with a nice bubble butt, an hourglass figure that includes my 34 DDD tits. I just assumed that he was showing off his owned wife for the crowd. Showing me off makes him hard and makes me wet. This usually leads to my pussy getting satisfied. Once we arrived, he started feeding me Irish whiskey, my weakness. As I drank, I noticed the swinger atmosphere with couples groping and removing clothing. He removed my top first and then my skirt. He then produced a set of wrist-to-thigh cuffs and secured me. He finsihed with my slut collar and a leash. By this time, several couples were having sex in various positions. He led me through the crowd, where I was groped by both men and women. He then led me over to a device that had 2 padded rails. He bent me over the first rail and tied my leash to the second one. As the youngest person by far in the room, I attracted a lot of attention and this attention continued when he stuck his lovely penis in me and fucked me in front of everyone. Before I could cum, he stopped and led me back to our house. He fucked me hard on the couch with the lights on and the curtains open. While he fucked me, he told me that he wanted me to be the star of parties in our house in the near future. If I agreed to become his owned whore in addition to being his owned wife, hese parties would include both men and women who would have full use of me. I could see some faces outside our windows. I am pretty sure that they heard me agree to become an owned whore for use by anyone he offered me to.

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