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Stainless Steel Spiked Chastity Cage

SKU: AG884

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Stainless Steel Spiked Chastity Cage

SKU: AG884

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A Chastity Cage with Teeth

Key Features:

  • Solid Metal Penis Prison: This cage is made with strong, durable steel so it makes a fortified prison for your cock. Non-porous, easy to clean and built to last.
  • Spiked Rings: Each ring has 4 spikes that are evenly spaced so that you get a little bite of pain every time you begin to get erect!
  • Handcuff Locking Mechanism: At the base of the cage is a circular ring with a hinge, similar to a handcuff, that locks you in place. A flanged pin slips through the slats once you’ve cinched it to a snug fit and the lock slips through the pinhole to keep it in place.
  • Open Design: The cage has an open design so you can easily shower or urinate with it on.
  • Lock and Keys Included: Comes with one lock and two keys.
  • This steel cage is a perfect prison for naughty cocks! Keep yourself or you submissive trained and obedient with this metal chastity cage’s biting spikes. Each ring has four evenly spaced spikes on the inside so, every time he gets an unauthorized erection, the spikes press into his cock and correct him without the Mistress, Master or Dom even having to be present. The spikes are not sharp enough to cut into the flesh, but will still give them enough discomfort for the lesson to be learned. The open design of the cage makes it perfect for long-term wear; it can be worn while urinating and during a shower or bath. It will set off alarms at an airport, so unless you want to be discovered, it may not be suitable for travel. The base of the cage has a handcuff-styled locking mechanism; it’s a flat, circular ring with a hinge at the center and overlapping slats.

    Make a ceremony or scene out of locking up your junk! Either have your partner there in person to do it for you, or show them what you’re doing over a video call. Use a little lube if you feel that might make it more comfortable to slip on, then slowly guide your flaccid cock through. Line up the slats on the base as you cinch it securely closed and then slip the flanged, flat pin through the slat. Use the lock included to close it by placing it through the pinhole and locking it with a key. Keep a spare key available at all times for emergency use, or give it to your Keyholder. Enjoy the heavy feel of the steel as it pulls down on your cock, making it ever present and clear that you are locked up and someone else holds the freedom to your next orgasm in their hands - or worn around their neck. Enjoy days, weeks or months of patient worship and the teasing torture of waiting to be released!

    Spiked Chastity Cage Specs:

  • Scrotum ring adjusts from 1.6-2.2 inches
  • Internal length: approximately 4 inches
  • External length: approximately 4.125 inches
  • Internal diameter: 1.1 inches, measured from spike tips

    Materials: Steel

    Color: Metal

    Note: Device not recommended for beginners. Do not lose the key and keep the spare key available for emergencies.
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