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Adjustable Steel Spreader Bar


Adjustable Steel Spreader Bar Adjustable Steel Spreader Bar Adjustable Steel Spreader Bar Adjustable Steel Spreader Bar Adjustable Steel Spreader Bar
Rating: (9 reviews)

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The Adjustable Spreader Bar - a Classic!

Keep your submissive restrained and spread as far as you like. This adjustable steel spreader bar restraint accessory has eyebolts securely attached to each end. Attach wrist or ankle cuffs to this metal bondage spreader bar and keep your slave spread.

This adjustable spread bar can be broken down into three sections so it will fit easily into your bondage equipment toy bag.

Steel spreader bar easily adjusts from 25 to 37 inches.

Note: Spreader bar does not include locks and leather restraints. See below for those options.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 31 March, 2015 by Anonymous

I've had this for a while. It works great! It's adjustable so you can make it longer or shorter as needed. It does rattle. Same complaint as the others- pins are not secure and can just pull out. I was left in this for about an hour once and had to pee. My cuffs were locked to it but I just pulled the pins and the bars separated. Drug them with me awkwardly to the bathroom and then back and put it back together. So probably not a great submissive but hey I had to pee and this was not secure enough to hold me! I like the idea someone offers of getting new pins. Would easily solve the problem. I think. My husband used this on me the other night and attached it under the corner of the bed so I had to straddle the corner of the mattress. He cuffed my hands behind my back and voila - I was completely immobile. Genius sneaky Dom. :). Couldn't reach the pins if I wanted to. Not that he knows about my escapade. He did make sure to wrap the bar in a towel to prevent the metal from scuffing he wooden bed frame. In case you're getting ideas...

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Reviewed: Sunday 28 December, 2014 by Anonymous

This is a most effective device. I was, at first, disappointed that it did not have attached cuffs. I got over it quickly though, when I realized that this just makes it much more versatile. You can attach literally ANYTHING to this thing with quick snaps, plus it breaks down for easy storage and travel. Besides, anyone shopping here either has plenty o' cuffs already, or knows where to look. A word of advice though - the pins that hold this baby together do not make good attachment points, as they WILL pop out under pressure. While the design is solid, I do wish these were more secure, but that would make it less adjustable and by extension less fun.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 26 November, 2013 by Punished Disobedient Wife

Helpful not deny your master husband and then get caught masturbating. If your master is anything like mine, it will be severe. I was placed in this, arms bound behind my back nipples clover clamped to the center of the bar. Then a huge plug roughly shoved into my ass before proceeding to spank me first with the tawse. Each time it struck me my body jerked forward, pulling even more on the clamps sending shock waves of pain through my entire body. After 50 strikes with the tawse he grabbed my hair pulling me and tightening the clamps and demanded me to answer him if I would ever deny him again. I was so breathless from the punishment that I couldn't answer immediately so he said I must need further encouragement. He grabbed the cane and I received 20 strikes. Then he pulled me up by my hair and asked again. I stuttered out... N n n no. He jerked me up harder and shouted NO WHAT?! I quickly said no sir! He then forced me to deep throat him while still restrained. Next he attached the suspension chain to the arm binders, strapped the wand to my leg pressed against my clit. He said if I needed to masturbate I should ask permission. Then he turned it to high, and left me there for several hours till I was a quivering, exhausted mess.

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Reviewed: Friday 05 April, 2013 by Gringo Daddy

Awesome product! Just bought this for use on my new toy. Delicious young Mexican specimen...I think this product is great on slaves with good behinds...makes them look delicious. Thoroughly helping me enjoy her!! Three cheers!!!

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Reviewed: Friday 25 March, 2011 by Anonymous

I like it a lot I get much use out of it but the only draw back is the pins my submissive has popped the pin out of it several time I bought a better pins for it works much better put a bigger ring on the end so that I can attach wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs so that I have full control of her movement

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