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Huge Equine Speculum


Huge Equine Speculum Huge Equine Speculum Huge Equine Speculum Huge Equine Speculum
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Extra Large Speculum

Wow. The shear sight of this device would make most drop to their knees for mercy. This huge all stainless steel speculum was designed for large animals. Used for diagnostic examinations and other procedures.

Excellent quality, being made of surgical stainless steel, it can be processed for frequent sterilizations and long life. To operate speculum, simply turn the hand screw until desired opening is achieved.

Measurements: Length from end to end of the entire instrument is 17 inches with a maximum spread of near 4 inches. The length from end to end of the speculum blades is 13-3/4 inches.

This is the King of Speculums for the most eXtreme edge players. It tips the scale at 2.6 lbs.

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Reviewed: Saturday 26 January, 2013 by Anonymous

I was really expecting more from this... The shape is strange and very hard to insert. The corners of it are very, very sharp and very painful to use. Maybe I got a bad one but there is no way I can use this... As a size queen I was terribly excited to use it and just as upset when it cut me... I guess I will just keep it around until I can get it coated in silicone or something soft... :(... I would appreciate any advice.

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Reviewed: Monday 19 September, 2011 by Billie Walker

I visited my strict mistress. She has been stretching me at each session and I was opened for business up to three inches, it felt a lot more and I told her so. Not enough yet she replied and took up that huge great thing. I WAS TIED DOWN SO COULD ONLY REBEL VOCALLY. She greased it and me liberally and by this time | was crying for mercy. She did not gag me but soon had the closed prong tips at my rim. The thing slid in easily searching for my inner sphincter. I think it found the ring. Mistress began to open the thing telling me that she wanted to two hand fist me afterwards. I quietened down at this savouring the idea of her hands inside me. My hole was stretched and stretched as she turned the screw. The pain was enormous but i gritted my teeth and let the inevitable happen. There, she said at last, what was all that fuss about. you are now wide open and i am pleased to say, nice and clean.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 06 July, 2010 by Thomas Openmind4play

I enjoy the XTREME STRETCH my equine spec opens my hole to enjoy. It allows me & others to wow at seeing my 16" Dbl Headed dildo to immediately enter my 3rd rim taking the full 16" then removing the spec for belly pushing deep penetrations and hard rim stretching enabling 2 hand fisting sessions or self fisting G-SPOT ORGASMS.

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Reviewed: Thursday 15 April, 2010 by Anonymous

When I protested my anus was too tight for anal sex my dominant husband in frustration tied me over a bench and after spanking me with a leather paddle pushed the this just a little way in making me cry. a futile exercise as he just put a gag in my mouth and whipped me with a leather tawse and pushed harder and then stretched and pushed and stretch again and and again until it was right in and then he dilated it fully By them I had lost the will to resist and was realising the turn on that it was To be completely helpless and at his mercy When he realised I had stopped fighting he removed the gag and used mirrors to show me my ass striped red & purple and stretched so wide I was sure he could see my tonsils This made me feel so sorry I had doubted my ability to let him do what he wanted I had learnt my lesson and when he took it out some time later he fucked my ass so hard that I thought I would explode with pleasure. I haven't needed to be taught that lesson again although the bench, whips and that enormous gadget have been used several times The last time he invited some of his friends to watch and allowed them to use the whips and spread my ass he did not remove the gag and spreader until after they had gone and then we had the wildest session with just the two of us

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Reviewed: Saturday 10 January, 2009 by Thomas slave

never in my life has my ass been this wide open ! incredibley good feeling my master just needed to look around to make sur ei was clean enough for him , bu tlef it in for and hour. cant wait til our next session!

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