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Anal Hole Spreader


Anal Hole Spreader Anal Hole Spreader Anal Hole Spreader
Rating: (9 reviews)

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Get a provocative look inside your partner's rectum with this spreader. It"s is made of stainless steel and will feel comfortable for the receiver. You'll get hot watching your partner's anal cavity spread far and wide, giving you a nice deep look inside. It's an ideal instrument for those who enjoy anal probing or have a medical fetish. The Anal Hole Spreader opens up to 5.5" wide and each blade is .25" in diameter and 3" long. Take a sexy look inside with this spreader.

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Reviewed: Sunday 06 November, 2016 by Sean et

Excellent toy really great for keeping things stretched out down there. I have not encountered the pinching that has been mentioned.

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Reviewed: Sunday 19 January, 2014 by Anonymous

This is a very high quality instrument. It works great and really allows you to test the limits to how wide your ass can spread. I've only used it by myself and use a mirror to see how wide I can get. It's a great feeling, fun toy. Highly recommend it for the anally obsessed.

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Reviewed: Thursday 15 August, 2013 by big cock

i use every now and then , you must be careful when you have it spread very wide no to loosen the screw and let it close real fast,it will pinch the insides of you and cause bleeding. i put some of my fingers between it before i loosen it.

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Reviewed: Sunday 11 August, 2013 by big cock

I started using mine often now,I love to see how far i can spread my ass,then once i get it as far as i possibly can i lube up my double headed dildo and ass fuck myself silding all 16 inches of it deep in my ass!!!!! in and out,I feels weird because you cannot feel it ,only way inside is where you can feel the long dildo,my girl likes to fuck me with it real fast while she sucks me off working that dildo in and out, it makes me blow a steady stream of cum doing it like that.I love getting fucked in the ass by my girl,this spreader is definately worth the gets you ass to the next level,taking in huge dildos !!!!!!!!!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 06 August, 2013 by big cock

I bought this tool back in may i think but any way i only used it once. The first time i was on all fours and my girl inserted it into my ass and started spreading,all of that was fine and dandy but after a while when she loosened the stop screw the spreader closed very quick causing it to pinch the inside of my rectum and it hurt very bad!!!! it also bled for hours,i was in so much pain!!!!!it hurt very bad so i put it in the closet for months,last night after my girl banged me with four huge dildos she went to sleep,then i got the spreader out,my asshole was so stretched from all those huge dildos i inserted it in my ass and spread it out then i got my 16' double headed dildo and lubed it with relax anal lube and slid it between the spreader bars and started ass fucking myself, it felt weird because i could not feel my ass cheeks on the dildo,well i ended up sliding 16" inches of cock all the way into my ass!!!!!!! all that i had left was the head on the other end ,the rest was buried deeeeep!!!!!!!! my hole was so wore out last night i could have stuck my hand up my ass!!!!!!!!!! Also mine was also bent ,i had to straighten one of the spreader bars!!!!!

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