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Electric Paddle


Rating: (12 reviews)

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Electric Zapper Paddle For Spanking

This really give them a jolt without much stress on your pocketbook! Originally this lightweight plastic and wire tennis racket shaped paddle was intended for use as an electric fly swatter or bug zapper. Activate the paddle by pressing the button to turn the paddle on and then apply it to the target. This electric zapper paddle emits a really intense electrical shock.

Please use all precautions for electrical play.

Size: 18 inches Long x 6 inches Wide x 1 High

This item requires 2 AA batteries for operation.

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Reviewed: Monday 19 June, 2017 by Anonymous

Really great for killing flies

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Reviewed: Sunday 22 March, 2015 by Anonymous

the day this came in my slave burnt my brownies so she got a spanking as usual. What she wasnt expecting was a shock on her ass. Now she has requested that i give her spankings daily, just to remind her of who much of a fuck slut she is. I couldn't be happier!

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Reviewed: Saturday 15 February, 2014 by Anonymous

Right out of the box this package was defective. I tried multiple pairs of batteries, but it still would not work. I think I am chalking this one up to faulty wiring.[ Editor's Note: Just contact customer service for a replacement. We guarantee everything we sell to be defect-free for the first 30 days or we'll replace it. ]

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Reviewed: Saturday 31 March, 2012 by Anonymous

I've been wanting to try some electric stim for a while now so after seeing all the reviews on this I figured it was a cheap way to try it out. It arrived today and I had to try it on myself before I use it on my sub. Its got a nice zap that makes me flinch every time, I did it to my ass and once was enuff. I did it again on my arm and could instantly smell fried hair. I can't wait to zap my subs tits and ass, shes been complaining about wanting more pain, a few zaps in the same location should cure her complaining for a while. I can't wait to see her first impression when I pull this out of the toy cabinet.

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Reviewed: Monday 30 January, 2012 by Lady Sheeva

This thing ROCKS. Any fans of electrical play must have this toy in their arsenal, it's pretty amazing. I didn't think that for just 2 AA batteries, this could emit anything too painful. Let me just say, this left electrical burns on my victims. Good to use on pain sluts to finally make them flinch. A very brief yet intense shock. Just for information, it does not transfer through clothing, except with something thin like pantyhose.

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