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Strict Leather Sling w/ Stirrups and Pillow


Strict Leather Sling w/ Stirrups and Pillow Strict Leather Sling w/ Stirrups and Pillow Strict Leather Sling w/ Stirrups and Pillow Strict Leather Sling w/ Stirrups and Pillow Strict Leather Sling w/ Stirrups and Pillow Strict Leather Sling w/ Stirrups and Pillow
$395.00 $355.00
Rating: (2 reviews)

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Enjoy The Freedom of Versatility With This Premium Leather Sex Swing

We are excited to bring you this top quality, leather sling, made from a sheet of thick latigo leather with layered support straps to provide sturdy support. Also included with the leather sling are a set of stirrups and a plush pillow to comfortably rest your head on. With D-Rings at the end of each strap and on the stirrups, there are plenty of places to attach extra "play toys".

Since this item was made to be hung, we highly recommend that this item be hung from above using rope or chain, Not Included, for optimum performance, longevity and safety.

  • Just under 37.5" in length.
  • 23" wide at the top and slims down to 15" wide at the bottom.

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Reviewed: Saturday 11 August, 2012 by highway cowboy

well it took some time but finally hung the swing and what fun with a pair of ankle cuffs i secured my sub to the swing so she coud not move this swing has many possibilities can adjust the height from the floor so is just perfect for deep throat,left my sub tied for an hour with a pussy pump to get her started ,what a gusher so primed and excited she loves the swing definitly a good investment in fun and pleasure looking forward to another delightful time maybe today i will swing ,thank you

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Reviewed: Sunday 12 June, 2011 by Swinging Slutwife

I had always let hub take the lead in sex, so when he hung this up and told me to get in--I did what he said. Hub cuffed my wrists to the top chains and put my legs through the leg straps. Then he used some gum on his fingers to remove all of my pussy hair. I was helpless to resist. He then photographed me in this with my sore, nude, and wet pussy. Then he pushed into me. He took me hard and long. It seemed that he could hold out forever. I just kept cumming and gushing. I was so hot that when he told me to promise that I was his whore to do with as he pleased, I did willingly. Then he stopped to put a collar on me that said "whore". He made me promise to wear only this when I was home, even if someone came over. I agreed again. Well, he did treat me as a whore last night. He brought over the young neighbor who has the hots for him. I was embarrassed, but proud to be introduced as his whore. He put me in this "whore chair" and fucked me in front of her. She begged to be put in the chair. He told her that she would become his whore to do with as he pleased forever if she got in the chair. She promised that she would, and he gave her the same treatment that he gave me--collar and all. He keeps our pictures to prevent us from straying, and he makes the other whore always get the whore in the chair wet before fucking her. The neighbor now lives with us full time as a whore.

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