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Stand and Deliver Sex Position Body Sling


Stand and Deliver Sex Position Body Sling Stand and Deliver Sex Position Body Sling Stand and Deliver Sex Position Body Sling Stand and Deliver Sex Position Body Sling Stand and Deliver Sex Position Body Sling
$45.00 $34.95
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Take your partner and give them the ride of their life with this sex position body sling

Strap on this body sling, and prepare for a wild ride. The sling hooks using the top straps around the shoulders, and the bottom straps around the thighs. With the enhanced support, and shoulder grips, partners can be positioned in a face-to-face style or a doggy style. The sling also allows for better positioning of your partner, for more stimulating and deeper penetration.

Stand and Deliver Sex Position Body Sling Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Padded shoulder straps measure 16 inches in length and 3.5 inches in width; Chest straps adjust from 20 to 50 inches in length from center point; Stirrups adjust from 14 to 23 inches in length from center point
  • Material: Nylon, metal, ABS, foam
  • Color: Black
  • Adjustable sling lets your partner sit face to face, or away for doggy style sex

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    Reviewed: Friday 24 October, 2014 by slung swinger

    I am very petite, much more than the girl in the picture. My bf can put me in the front to front position and walk around with me. Just the movement of his legs causes pussy/cock movement for us. Once he gets me in position, he sits down and uses leather cuffs under the sling straps to hold me helpless. I can lean back or hold on tight, but I can't get away. In public, I am a very conservative girl. In private, I am a submissive slut for him. The other day, I was horrified when he answered the door with me naked, impaled, and locked to him. It was one of his old gf's. She was also petite, and she had obviously been locked in the sling before. They talked about me as if I wasn't there, while he and I had sex and she spanked my tender ass. I had a series of intense orgasms before being removed and having my hands cuffed behind my back. She sucked him until he recovered, then she stripped and took my place in the sling. The next day, my bf stripped me and cuffed my hands behind my back again. She came over, and I had to give them both oral sex before they used the sling again.

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