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Strict Leather Sling and Stirrups


Strict Leather Sling and Stirrups Strict Leather Sling and Stirrups Strict Leather Sling and Stirrups Strict Leather Sling and Stirrups Strict Leather Sling and Stirrups
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Imagine having your partner's legs spread wide, giving you easy access to the goodness that lies in between? With the leather sling and stirrups combination, you'll be able to use a premium leather item to put your partner in the position that you want. What will you do, though, with those legs spread wide? Will you use a massager on them? Will you give them the oral sex of a lifetime? Will you proceed to penetrate and pound them into the next decade? The choices are up to you and the only thing your partner can do is spread 'em and anticipate?

Specifications: The sling and stirrups are made of high quality leather. The thigh cuffs measure 27.5" in length and 2" in width. The ankle cuffs measure 14.5" in length and 2.25" in width. The head and neck padding measures 11" in width and 6" in height.

How to Apply:
  • Place the head/neck padding around your partner's head.
  • Place the thigh cuffs around your partner's thighs. The cuffs are connected to the neck pad using a quicklink and belt buckle system. Use the thin strap through the metal loop and belt to secure the cuffs to the thighs.
  • Perform the same procedure with the ankle cuffs. The ankle cuffs are connected to the neck pad using a quicklink, 19" chain and belt buckle system. Secure the ankle cuffs to your partner using the thin strap through the metal piece and belt.
  • Once those legs are spread apart, the rest is up to you. Enjoy!

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 11 June, 2014 by Anonymous

    This harness is the best thing my husband bought for me. The ease and comfortability of this leaves only pleasure to be had. Having your pussy open for my husbands and my pleasure is ecstasy.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 17 August, 2013 by Anonymous

    OK this help for women who takes time to cum but bewared the neck area have a strong rest neck area after that perfect

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    Reviewed: Saturday 06 April, 2013 by Kate Love chick

    I am a escape artist. Now Master put me in this he added a collar, gag, mitts then tethered me to a bench. He ass fucked me up!

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    Reviewed: Friday 23 November, 2012 by Anonymous

    This sling is worth its money, great quality Your slave / sub / wife / husband is being opened up and it is comfortable for him / her. So many possibilities to play. Add fist mitts (attached to the d-rings of the neck piece) and / or spreader bar to the ankle and / or thigh cuffs and whomever you put into the sling becomes very helpless.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 03 April, 2012 by Bad Slut

    The rings were an excellent idea. My man also added a collar to keep me from moving. Now he can whip my breasts, my vagina, and my ass to get my skin and my insides red hot. If I beg for forgiveness, he will also use my pussy to relieve his pent-up pressure. I love it all!

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