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Scottish Tawse

SKU: AH544

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Scottish Tawse

SKU: AH544

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A Proper Punishment for Misbehaving Pupils

Key Features

  • Scottish Design: This old-school tawse was used in Scottish schools as a form of discipline.
  • Split Tongue: The split tongue gives both a thuddy and stinging sensation as it lands twice.
  • Vegan Leather: Made out of realistic-looking vegan leather. Do not use with petroleum oils.
  • Curved Handle: Get a better grip with the curved handle.
  • Add something with style, class, and a history of pain and punishment into your kink bag. This Scottish Tawse is made out of vegan-leather and can offer both thuddy and stinging sensations depending on how it's wielded. With a split-tongue and textured surfaces, it looks rich and sophisticated without breaking the bank. It lasts through sessions longer than your spoiled, bratty sub will, and the handle is slightly curved so you can keep a firm grip as you make sure that your submissive gets a handle on their behavior!

    Imagine being a bad pupil in a strict school. The double-belted, split-tongue whip is ready to crack across your backside at any time and it's wielded by a firm professor who takes joy in your pain. You can't help yourself though. As much as you're terrified of them, you want their attention, and just the slightest mistake is noticed by them. They tighten their grip on the handle of the tawse and then strike the desk in front of you. "What was that? Another mistake? What will it take to make you learn? Or do you just like being a spoiled, rotten, misbehaving pupil?" They pull you by the ear, bend you over the desk, expose your ass, and strike you until your ass is sore and hot!

    Scottish Tawse Specs:

  • Overall length: 17.8 inches.
  • Overall width: 2.1 inches.
  • Tails are 0.25 inches thick

    Materials: Vegan leather

    Color: Black, brown
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