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2oz Water Based
Retail Value: $7.95
It is specially designed to make sex more enjoyable for all partners, by both making sexual penetration more smooth and enjoyable but also by helping women enhance upon their own personal lubrication.
Slim Rabbit
Rocket Vibrator
Retail Value: $8.98
This small, discreet vibrator can be inserted as it simultaneously rubs against your clit. Mild vibration gently buzzes from a AA battery pack (battery not included). Great for traveling.
9-row Prick Spiked
Wartenburg Wheel
Retail Value: $18.95
The spiked sensation wheel is designed with nine rows of evenly spaced, sharp pins that offers great sensation across your partner's skin. The Prick is ergonomically curved and ideally sized for anyone new to sensation play.
Genuine Amethyst Gemstone
Heart Anal Plug
Retail Value: $24.95
Heart-shaped and mystical, this buttplug is beautiful and brings with it positive vibrations! Made from genuine amethyst and nickel-free aluminum to balance your mood worry-free.