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by Date Added:  Friday 01 April , 2016

Ummmmmm.....I am not new to anal play. My husband and I frequently have anal sex and often use an anal plug in my ass when he's enjoying my prettier side to tighten up for him. With this being said, whoa! Here's my experience with this plug: the first time, the first bump went in easily, with enormous pleasure. The second one made me gasp. it took some time to get the third one in; when we did, I screeched out in pain (good pain). But then something got into both of us and he rammed it in and out until, unexpectedly, I peed everywhere! But it is the best, most amazing sensation I've EVER felt (and we've been married for 10 years and have 7 kids)! I don't think I could take it on a regular basis, and don't think I want to- it's too delightful to be teased with, so we decided to keep this one for when I need punishment. You won't be disappointed!

by Joe hosemonster Date Added:  Thursday 31 March , 2016

So I just received the XL Ass Anchor. It is almost double the size and weight of the standard ass anchor. Impressive. Because it is bigger and thicker on the tabs, it has more of a tendency to pull itself deeper inside. Not such a bad thing but it also draws the base tabs inside as well. Perhaps a longer neck would allow this plug to stay in place as it was intended. Back to the drawing board. So when can we expect the JUMBO size?

by Date Added:  Wednesday 30 March , 2016

Awesome plug! Smaller and heavier than I expected but still great! It is easy to insert and remove. The material makes it an easy clean up and feels amazing :) I would definitely recommend this plug to beginners and experts! Have fun!

by Date Added:  Wednesday 30 March , 2016

Master bought this as a surprise. Arms bound behind me in cuffs and legs in the spreader bar. He slide it in larger than we expected but he made it go in. For every smart remark I made for that week he pumped it up. we went to eat with the plug in. very comfortable and can expand to a pretty big size.

by Alicia Morning Date Added:  Wednesday 30 March , 2016

I bought this to start anal play. I was wanting to try it but scared, but not anymore! My husband fingers my back hole with this toy while I ride him. It feels good, it's not too big and it makes me wetter. Get this to try anal play, to have fun in your car or etc.