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The Rebellious Ryan Realistic Dildo


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Rating: (20 reviews)

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Enjoy thick, deep pleasure with the Rebellious Ryan Dildo

The dildo, known as Rebellious Ryan, is ready and willing to be placed deep inside of you. Marvel at the lifelike look and feel, from the veined shaft down to the detailed balls. Ryan even has a bit of curve in the shaft so you can hit all of your favorite spots. The dildo also has a suction cup base. With it you can mount the dildo to almost any flat surface and enjoy hands-free penetration. Made with SexFlesh material, Ryan boasts the visual and sexual appeal that you desire.

Rebellious Ryan Realistic Dildo Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Measures approx. 9" in total length, 7" insertable length and 1.85" in width (mid shaft)
  • Material: SexFlesh (PVC)
  • Has a realistic look and feel with veined shaft and textured balls
  • Suction cup base lets you mount Ryan to almost any flat surface

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    Reviewed: Saturday 03 December, 2016 by Anne Cambride

    I am a 29 year old housewife and have a group of close female friends, most of them at some time or another have told me that they prefer masturbation with their dildo to sex with their husband’s penis. So asked each of them which dildo’s was their favourite, to me surprise they all said Rebellious Ryan Dildo. So I ordered it and it arrived a few days later, that was about a year ago, I use it every chance I get while alone (usually 3 to 5 times a week) and together with my loving husband (usually 3 to 5 times a week). This dildo makes me orgasm every time and is a long way more satisfying then real thing. Right from the very first time I had this beautifully dildo deep inside my pussy, I had wave after of orgasms flowed through me. I cum like never before, I moaning, my hips raised up in a fucking motion to meet the deep stroke of the dildo, my pussy repeatedly clenching the dildo, God, it felt so good to have the big dildo inside me, my pussy loves it, I love it and even my husband loves watching me have the massive orgasms only this dildo has ever given me.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 04 June, 2016 by Anonymous

    This dildo is GREAT!! It fills me up so good from tip to the balls. Highly recommended

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 02 February, 2016 by james hand

    I used other things like cucumbers hair brushes nothing big like this. I've always wanted to bottom a big penis but to afraid of the size and pain this toy helped me with that went balls deep it opened me up good. Now I'm ready for the real big cock love this toy great thickness feels good oh and did I cumm alot legs were like jello thanks ryan

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 23 December, 2015 by Anonymous

    I have one of these, and after the second time using it, I carefully cut the balls off of it... OMG... Felt Sooo good to actually "bottom out" on it.. I have a favorite wall that jus comes out and stops, So that I can straddle it and go as deep as the dildo is long..

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    Reviewed: Friday 02 January, 2015 by Hannah Leie

    I was looking for a decently thick dildo to replace my boyfriend, & this was cheaper so I ordered this toy & dumped him on New Year's day, tore open the box & flopped onto my bed. Slipped out of my Hello Kitty Pj's & kicked my thong to the floor. I was quite wet already in anticipation of being filled, it's like describing what the color blue tastes like to describe the craving that is satiated when my pussy is stretched & stuffed. I didn't use the lube sample, just rubbed the head up n down my lips & my clit to get my juices on the tip, spread my legs & arched my back so I'd have some leverage as I pushed the tip against my parted lips, finding my slick tunnel & put some pressure behind it. Took a bit of rubbing my clit & coating the shaft with my pussy juices, but I slid it in me & let myself squeeze it & relax a few times to get used to the girth & then I went nuts, to the & out hard & fast, pounding my hole as I moaned & bit my lip n clawed my sheets with my free hand as my other rammed this toy like I was being taken hard by a hot stud, I'm sure you can imagine the sounds a pussy so wet while this huge toy gaped me. Suffice to say I lasted about 5 minutes before I started shaking n spasms & jolts from multiple orgasms hit me like a shock, I ended up panting & covered in sweat on my bed, still shivering & the toy still half in me n slipping out as I caught my breath...did i mention I like this toy & recommend it? My pussy was gaped for a few hours afterward though..

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