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The Perfect Penis


The Perfect Penis The Perfect Penis
$28.00 $22.00
Rating: (25 reviews)

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The Perfect Penis - a real cock for your pleasure

You want a real cock? The Perfect Penis dildo is exactly that, designed specifically for your pleasure. The realistic and detailed material feels real on the outside, but holds firm on the inside. This veiny cock will never go soft on you! You'll be in awe of the texture in your hands, mouth, pussy, or ass. The suction cup base means you can put this dick just about anywhere you like-on the wall, desk, shower, or wherever your heart (or hole) desires. This cock is perfect for solo use or double penetration. The Perfect Penis measures 7.5" long and 1.5" with a perfect 6" of insertable length.


The headboard is already hitting the wall as he pumps The Perfect Penis in and out of my wet sex. He sits over me and grunts as his arm thrusts back and forth and I pant with desire. The texture inside me feels so real, I can feel the veins hard against my inner walls. Lost in over-powering lust, I reach for his cock and stroke it in rhythm with each thrust of the dildo. "Get on your knees," he orders, and with the toy still inside me, I turn over into doggie-style. I grope for his cock again, but he's already down between my knees, pulling the dildo out and making me groan with want. "Don't worry, you can have it back." He sticks it to the headboard by its suction cup base, right at level with my face. "Now suck your juices off that cock while I fuck you from behind." He slides inside me and I wrap my lips around the delicious dildo. Perfection.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 01 July, 2015 by Anonymous

This cock is great and a perfect size to begin with once warmed up. Only bad thing is the smell, oh and it fits great with a harness too.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 03 June, 2015 by Anon ymous

I still love this cock. Feels great. Suction cup isn't as bad as people say it is. Sticks well, has to be a little wet, lick cup first or something. Much bigger than I expected it to be. Also comes in a plastic "box" with "perfect Peter" on it and says 8". It's still nice. It is also darker and not a veiny as I expected it. Was a bit disappointed but still enjoy it. Works well. Lube that comes with it is amazing. Can't take it all the way. Just a bit, but will work up to it. It is also more silicone feeling than I thought it would, thought it would have more of a real feel, like I said a little disappointed but still works well, and still will enjoy it.

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Reviewed: Saturday 14 February, 2015 by Anonymous

Love this cock. On some days it takes a bit to take. But most often it slips right in and then the grind begins! Fabulous pressure on the prostate and length is perfect. Bottoms out and the large balls when sitting on it puts even more pressure just below my scrotum. I am looking to graduate to one larger now! Wonderful toy and fits great in a harness, though she has not pegged me (yet). Have worn in a harness to give her a more filling experience.

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Reviewed: Thursday 29 January, 2015 by Bradley Bennett

This dildo has just the right texture and is just the perfect size for an advanced anal experience. It has just the right size veiny features - unlike some out there with more pronounced solid veins that need a great deal of lube - that feel great in both my ass and mouth. It is my favourite out of my collection. I would have given this product 5 stars instead of the 4 due to the failure of the suction cup to stay adhered on smooth surfaces. My solution is to use some paper glue (e.g. a glue stick) to stick it down as it has enough 'stick' whilst allowing removal without damaging the dildo.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 28 January, 2015 by Anonymous

Like one of the ohters said i fancied a gay encounter but kept putting it off so got one of these and when i got it i started wanking and sucking it then after abit got some lube and slowly started to eas it in to my ass til the balls were hitting my ass i was rideing it for about 15 mins the n shot a right big load it felt gr8

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