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Ratchet Style Jennings Mouth Gag with Strap

SKU: AE480

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Ratchet Style Jennings Mouth Gag with Strap

SKU: AE480

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Pry your sub's mouth open and see what you can fit inside!... Read more...


Pry your sub's mouth open and see what you can fit inside!

Shut your sub up with a gag that keeps them from talking back but still allows you to hear every little sound they make. Secure this Jennings gag to your sub's head and behind their teeth. Start out with it closed as you do creatively deviant things to their body and they moan in pleasure. When you want to give them a little bit more of a challenge, crank that slutty little mouth open a bit more. When you're satisfied that it's as far open as they can go, see if you can shove your cock or a dildo inside!


she's kneeling at My feet, her hands cuffed behind her back: the perfect picture of submission. she keeps begging for my cock, again and again. I love the sound of it, as she pleads with Me to just have a little taste. But I'm the one who's in control here so I tell her, "That's enough, you cum-hungry slut. I'm gonna shut you up now." I pull out the Ratchet Style Jennings Gag and her eyes go wide, just like her mouth will very soon. For now I tell her, "Open," and put it in her pretty little mouth as small as it will get. her lips could almost touch. "Good girl," I tell her, pulling out My cock and beginning to jack off in front of her face. her eyes fill with lust and desperation as she watches Me slowly stroke up and down My shaft. I open the gag a little wider, just to show her what's in store for her. she gasps through the gag and My cock gets even harder. The naughty little slut must have noticed this because she begins moaning through the gag as I go back to jacking Myself off. It's unbearably erotic, to the point that I finally crank her mouth open the rest of the way until her jaw is stretched as wide as it can go. I ease My cock through the gag and into her mouth and finally begin fucking her mouth. I'm even more desperate than she is, at this point. "Eat up," I manage to say, just before jazzing hard down the back of her throat.

Ratchet Style Jennings Mouth Gag Specifications:

  • Material: Metal, PVC, faux leather
  • Length: 24
  • Width / Diameter: 2
  • Inner diameter expands to up to 1.75 inches

    WARNINGCancer and Reproductive
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