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Premium Leather Forced Orgasm Kit

SKU: AE758

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Premium Leather Forced Orgasm Kit

SKU: AE758

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Your submissive won't be able to help themselves as the orgasms roll mercilessly over them!... Read more...


Your submissive won't be able to help themselves as the orgasms roll mercilessly over them!

Save 31% off, with this kit versus purchasing each item separately.

Enjoy the delicious sight of your helpless slave, bound and at your mercy in the Premium Leather Forced Orgasm Kit. The quality leather cuff and collar set keeps her wrists trapped to her neck, unable to stop the torrents of ecstasy that wash over her in waves. You're in control of her pleasure as you force her to cum again and again with the power of your wand massager. The forced orgasm belt accepts most standard wand vibes, including the Thunderstick and Hitachi, so that they vibrate unceasingly against her clit until she can't contain herself. You'll have complete control of her pleasure, as she's restrained so that her entire body is yours to play with.


I've already climaxed twice when he comes back from the neighbors house. He put me in a ball gag so no one would hear me moaning. When he comes back, he's holding a cup. Not sugar ice! "I just needed to borrow this from the guy next door," he grins, "little does he know how I'm gonna be using it" He comes over and turns the vibrator up stronger, taking out an ice cube and running it down my torso. I moan through the gag, which at this point is dripping drool down to my tits. Just as I'm about to have a third orgasm, he holds the ice cube against my nipple. I yell through the gag, loudly, as I cum again. "Okay now he's gonna be really curious what we're doing over here," he says, a devious light in his eyes. I calm down from the orgasm, but the vibe is still humming against my clit, so much power that I'm trying to move my hips away from it. This makes him laugh, and he turns it up higher, my knees buckle as my eyes roll back in my head. He catches me before I fall to the ground without my hands to sustain the fall. I cum again in his arms, convulsing and gasping. "I think that's enough for the time being," he says, turning off the vibe. "I went to all the trouble of grabbing these ice cubes we might as well play with them."

Premium Leather Forced Orgasm Kit Specifications:

  • Measurements: Collar: Fits necks 14-20 inches in circumference. Wrist cuffs are one size fits most; Belt: Fits waists 30 inch to 36 inches in circumference, fits most standard size wand massagers up to 2.5 inches wide, fits anal plugs up to 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Material: Leather, metal
  • Note: Kit includes neck collar with wrist cuffs and orgasm belt. Wand massager and locks sold separately
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