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The Titan Black Dildo

Reviewed: Tuesday 03 January, 2017 by Keili Newcomb

Great size. It was amazing. Good substitute when nobody is around

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Reviewed: Monday 11 July, 2016 by Jonny Wilcox

Ho-lee-shit! Giant indeed, very large hole when you're done. But mmmmm, once inside, you will see. Lots of patience and lube. May take weeks or months, don't force it, just gradually get it in. You'll think about trimming the sides of the head, don't, it will only make it rough and sharp edges. I've though about it but read below that someone did it and now had to use a few condoms to cover rough spots.. Just be patient, and when you finally surpass the head, you'll be glad you left it smooth, caus, Whooooo-eeeee, if it is sharp and your booty-hole decides to gulp it down, ouch is all i can say..

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Reviewed: Thursday 16 June, 2016 by Titan Rider

I got this out of the box and thought no way! But it was so big I had to have it in me lots of stretching before is the best thing to prep for the monster after that lots of lube and sit and lower yourself down it will be painful but that pop in is amazing. Not a novelty it will go in just be patient

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Reviewed: Saturday 04 July, 2015 by Stealth Sub

I bought this toy after seeing it in a video stretching a woman's vagina. I love being sub while alone and role play with my wife. I'm an xml dildo fan, and have the Huge Manly Cock, The Cyclops, Black destroyer, Great American challenge, and fist. I craved something bigger and ordered this. When it arrived I was surprised by the sheer size. I immediately lived up and tried to get the head in.The head seemed too wide and I almost tossed the toy. So I,shaved a bit of the head off of the toy, although making it rough it was then insertible. As long as condoms layered to smooth surface. I now crave this toy, can take it half way in my ass.It's easiest to mount or sit on the stairs riding it. The best position for pleasure is to put the dildo on the toilet tank and Fuck it at an angle. The first toy to make me precum. I want to try the Annihilator xml now.

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Reviewed: Saturday 23 May, 2015 by Terri Lynn Johnson

Nice but I can not get it in me yet. I oil up and the head starts to go in but will not.

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Reviewed: Monday 13 October, 2014 by Anonymous

I bought this a while ago and it has taken me a long time to get any joy out of it. However, one day it finally paid off. In he popped in my ass and my god was I stretched to the limit. After a while I could actually ride him over and over and faster and faster. The feeling when the head pops out and back I find it a bit soar after, but can't wait to ride him again:-) Don't think I can go much bigger (I only get a third of it in).....

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Reviewed: Monday 30 December, 2013 by Anonymous

For the longest time, I thought the Titan was doomed to be nothing more than a gag dildo, good only for a laugh. The largest thing I had used was a 4.0 inch diameter XXL buttplug from Gold Dreams. After falling off of the titan several times in frustration, I finally figured out my trick to get it in: put a towel on the ground & stand the dildo on top, then as you saddle up, grab a handfull of towel in each hand to pull yourself downward onto that titanic head. Be ready for that absolute limit stretch wheb you go over the hump! It was easier first getting started, to enter with balls facing in (reverse cowgirl), but as I became accustomed to the size, I began to be able to enter with the balls facing out, as if I were facing my giant invisible partner. This position has the added benefit of locking the dildo in place so that it can stand freely if you're on all fours. Great fun, this is ultimately my favorite sex toy of all time.

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Reviewed: Saturday 29 June, 2013 by INTO TITAN

This dildo is really huge! Mine measures 12" around the shaft and 12 1/2" around the base of head! It requires a lot of anal stretching. I use a 3"(blackballed dildo) to begin, 3.25" (Cyclops) next, then, make a "walrus" dildo disappear. The "wet noodle" effect is because your ass isn't stretched enough. The head does a very big "pop" as it enters you. But it gives a very good stuffed feeling as you get past the head. I know I won't try anything larger. Taking half and moving down. But being able to get the head in, that is the challenge to the Titan. When stretched, I can take it by lowering myself on it with no hands!

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Reviewed: Monday 14 November, 2011 by Into Cock

OK - I had to write a rebuttal to my last review. It took a lot of patience, but I finally got it in. Wow - the soft material feels great once you get it inside you, though hard to get it into your hole being so flexible (per previous review). Very good fuck and becoming my favorite toy - just wish they were not so expensive.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 01 June, 2011 by Into Cock

I opened my box today which Extreme Restraints always keeps anonymously labeled (thank you) and was excited to see this large toy perched within the box. Awesome sized toy - perfect for my huge cock fetish, but have to agree with the comments of jelly material being the wrong substance to construct this toy with. If playing with a SOFT monster sized, thick cock is your thing, then this is a great toy. The toy either needs to be shorter or made with a firm material to actually fuck with it. I found play with this toy like trying to perch on top of a monster thick and long noodle - it wiggled all around me but was too soft to penetrate. Put the thing down after much frustration and disappointment. Total waste of money.

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Reviewed: Friday 25 March, 2011 by Stretch Master

This is a toy, not a sextoy! Doesn't fit inside any womens pussy. My wife laught when first saw and didn't exitate to let me try it on her! It's more like a clitoris masturbation toy or some tipe of object to use on a streap tease show to warm up. Just don't buy it if you want a huge dildo to put inside a hole... Low rating because it is expensive to its purpose. I sugest half a pice it would be good deal.

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Reviewed: Monday 31 January, 2011 by Anonymous

I got this in this past week and thought about it all day. I have to say at first I was disappointed in it. I warmed up w/ my favorite the Ram and Cram for about ten minutes then tried like hell to get the head of the Titan in. The thing just kept bending to much. I decided to cut about four inches off the bottom,cause I new I couldn't get the whole thing in my ass anyway. Great results. After a little time the head slipped in and I was crawling around like a wounded animal. I felt a lot of pressure on a nerve that shot down my leg so I took it out for a minute. I put it back in and OMG. I don't think my ass will take anything bigger. I have the same pain/soreness I felt when I first got the ram and cram in. Maybe w/ a little time I can look forward to bouncing up and down on this monster. Is there anything out there that is bigger than this?

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Reviewed: Tuesday 28 December, 2010 by bi hubby

there is nothing like the feeling of receiving a cock this size. It took a while but once in, it was fantastic. I love the feeling of being penetrated and not being able to squeeze my anus. I came with it in my ass and what a giant orgasm it was.

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Reviewed: Monday 20 September, 2010 by Anonymous

i have been using the titan for now over a year and this is my favorite toy of all time, without a doubt. i can get down close to 10 inches and cannot seem to go farther, is that as far as one can go? i have other toys, but really no longer use them, why bother when titan is waiting and always ready.

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Reviewed: Thursday 26 August, 2010 by Anonymous

Hi again, I got the Titan back in April and I have used hours in trying to get it in my ass. Guess what...I got in and oh my is something else when the head slips in.....I have used the Cyclops for a good while and I thought that was the biggest I could take. The Titan is king! I have never had such an orgasme with any dildo I have tried. I am taking aprox. 1 inch extra after the head slips in....and that just make me explode. Thanks again for providing such a toy. I know there are bigger dildos, but I think this is the one for me. Have to go Titan is calling.....

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Reviewed: Tuesday 13 April, 2010 by Anonymous

Just received the Titan today. Waw, it is huge. I have tried to get it in my ass for over an hour and still can't get the head in fully. I'll keep trying and I'll let you know when I finally get it in.

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Reviewed: Friday 12 March, 2010 by Hard BOOP

I receive this monster today, it's very very very HUGE!!! How you can get it into your asshole for me it's too big, what is the secret to insert this monster? Thanks! This is a very good product!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 21 October, 2009 by

this dildo is alsome i can only fit about half of it in my ass but holy man does it stretch me open absolutely love the stretch anyone in to a good stretch should defiantly buy this dildo but be prepared for some good fucking

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Reviewed: Wednesday 29 April, 2009 by Steve 31

I just got my titan yesterday and yes its quite massive in size. Took it out of the package and started using it immediately. Took a little while but I have fit the head + 2 inches and I have to say this toy is amazing and totally stretches my ass. Best toy I have ever bought. Totally recommend it to you fellow anal stretchers

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Reviewed: Tuesday 14 October, 2008 by Phistin\' Phanatic

It is amazing how much you can actually fit into your anus without rupturing your colon. I am a 56 year old male and I love rubber fist a whole bunch, but this one is a doozy. Phistin' Phanatic in yo Phace.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 29 July, 2008 by Andrew sub

Oh My God, my girlfriend bought me this monster black dildo for my birthday, (with my money) as I'm a white submissive male, as she just loves to see my arse get stretched with black cock. You should have seen the look on my face when I opend it and saw the sheer size of this huge dildo, it's definitely not for the faint hearted. After my girlfriend had warmed me up with a smaller sized dildo and after plenty of lubrication, she was eager to see just how much of the shaft I could take. It brought tears to my eyes but the feeling was fantastic. My girlfriend now uses the dildo on me on a regular basis and she loves to watch as my arse gets streched wider and wider each time.

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Reviewed: Thursday 19 June, 2008 by Phillup MyAsswithcum

Wow this is humongous! I took it out of the box & was speechless as I stared at how gigantic this Dong is! I always buy lube in bulk so I got a new tube of KY jelly out & inserting the tip of the tube into my ass I squeezed nearly all of it up into my ass. It felt so coll as I basted my hole with greasy lubricant to ease my difficult anal challenge as much as possible. I squatted over the behemuth dildo & guided my ass down atop it. I had to use my fingers & force a few into my ass just to allign the tip of the dong into the right dpot so my hole could accept it. Well nearly a half an hour went by before my hole relaxed enough & using a liquid toothache pain reliever that I numbed my rectum with my hole open wide enough to begin taking it in me. I gasped & shrieked as my hole was gaped to new proportions but it was a feeling so powerfully orgasmic that I welcomed the aches & lowered my ass further down the shaft & began taking some length now. Less than 4 minutes after I got it into my asshole I felt the first of the orgasm frenzy brewing inside me. Within seconds I was ready to cum so I aimed my cock to shoot into my mouth. My load blasted ropes of cum into my face & eyes stung bu

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Reviewed: Sunday 02 March, 2008 by ass master

This dildo felt so good in my ass I came as soon as it got all the way about good thorough stretching. I highly recommend this dildo

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Reviewed: Thursday 17 January, 2008 by sex freak jhon

i am a guy i am 46 years old and me and my boyfriend love the titan i can put my hand in his ass without tuching it. we are looking for something bigger like 5 ans a half inches wide. i recamend you get something bigger than this

Was this review helpful? 7   51
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