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The CB6000 Male Chastity Device

Reviewed: Monday 03 July, 2017 by Anonymous

Finally i plucked up the courage and bought a CB-6000. i am average size and have felt a need to be locked up for some while. Within ten minutes of getting the pack open, it was locked on. i was surprised after just one or two little false starts how smoothly it went on. My "head" fits into the end just as in the picture and feels very comfortable. i feel restrained and "fitted" but it is not excessive. Hearing the padlock click home was such a "hit". Do take the hint and use some cream or lube, around your "head" and around the ball ring.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 10 January, 2017 by Anonymous

My cock must be huge. I cant get inside the cage at all. Even with lube and icing for a bit. Does not fit at all. Maybe I should go swimming in the ocean for an hour and give it another try. Will give it another try, but it simply does not fit.

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Reviewed: Sunday 29 May, 2016 by Anonymous

all I can say is disappointed had to order larger u-ring set to get size right and it must be sized by the oompa loompas

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Reviewed: Thursday 19 May, 2016 by Anonymous

I don't know what to say it feels very erotic. If you have a good erection with this on your likely to get a mild stomach ache kicked in the nuts feeling I wish there was a safer way to ware this thing me and the wife are a little bummed. could a belt be made to hold it all back saving ones testes ?? Maby a belt with strap on harness for her as well

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Reviewed: Saturday 01 August, 2015 by Anonymous

I love my cb-6000. I have the best orgasms after pulling this thing off. I have a kind of hyper-sensitivity after it comes off, after feeling nothing. I was initially concerned about fit, since my pens has a rediculous variance in size. I have seen it go as small as an inch and a half flacid, and is 7 and half inches erect. I fully fill the cage, and can use the restroom like normal. The rings and spacers make this chastity device a good way to figure out a good fit for others and for cockrings. A must have for a toy bag, even if you are like me, and have no interest in long-term wear, or giving up control of your penis.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 11 March, 2015 by Anonymous

My husband has been using a CB-6000 on and off for some time. We find it very useful in ways that are described elsewhere on this page. I wonder however, if other ladies have had an experience similar to mine. Sometimes I kept the U ring on around his balls when I unlocked him in order to tease him. I like to see his ball sac all taut and shiny as the ring pushes his balls forward. Sometimes he complains that it hurts a bit when I hit his balls with each stroke, but not so much to make it too uncomfortable to enjoy the hand job. One day that I decided to allow him to penetrate me, I told him to keep the U ring on, and to fasten the top part (the one without the pins only) with a couple of twist ties so it wouldn’t come off. When I rode him, he could really feel me every time I hit his balls, and that made him moan a lot and last a lot longer – both very positive things from my point of view. He lasted for so long that I got tired and told me to enter me from the top. Since he was in control of the movements he was able to reduce the pain on his balls and finally climaxed, but only after I had had three orgasms with him inside me – very unusual up to then, and delicious! Si

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Reviewed: Tuesday 28 October, 2014 by Anonymous

When I wear this thing my wife gets a lot more sex from me, because I cannot get satisfied without her, and because the device itself makes me horny. This is a good intro to chastity because it lets you adjust everything to figure out what works and what won't. These things have a learning curve. At first I was able to pull out, but a reduced spacer fixed that. It fits tight and light, and unless I get a woodie it's not in the way. We use a small brass lock to secure it, and to keep it from clinking when I walk I just put a rubberband around the lock. Problem solved. The one problem that is a bit harder to solve it the ring shape: take a close look and you will see the ring is made from what it basically a plastic I-beam. The little gap on both sides (the empty space between the i-beam flanges) is just enough to chafe my balls something fierce. When I take this thing off, there is a line on my scrotum where the skin pulled into the gap. It's not good, at all. I filled the gap with clear silicone. We'll see how it feels. I have worn this overnight and in public. Overnight use was an issue, largely because I had the spacer sized wrong, and because of the "gap" issue I n

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Reviewed: Tuesday 08 July, 2014 by Anonymous

Gf got me the device and have been wearing for about a week. I must watch her fuck herself and be I cage. I been shown to her mother and her mom says she likes the fact that I have no control or my cock and when able to come. Now made to wear panties as well. The cage has made more aware of being her sissy.

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Reviewed: Saturday 05 April, 2014 by Anonymous

This device has some serious flaws in design. The seam down the middle expands and contracts while wearing it and while trying to put it on, so it pinches you, often inflicting a cut where the seam bit you. Highly distressing! Resorted to applying tape down the seam to try and prevent the injuries. I also had trouble with the 3 vents on the sides of the device. Nighttime erections made my skin puff out of these vents, which was very painful and the skin deformations got so bad I was worried about permanent damage. The marks this device left on me were visible for hours after taking it off. Tried filling the vents with silicone, and while this provided some relief, it didn't prove to be a durable solution. I wore the largest ring at night to ease the pain of bunched up skin trapped inside the cruel ring, and the 2nd smallest during the day, but it still wouldn't stay on. Had the device literally slip off and fall down my pant leg at work. I simply cannot believe some of the reviews written by happy customers claiming to go 24/7 in this thing - it's terrible. Didn't work for me at all.

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Reviewed: Saturday 15 March, 2014 by Kes Vahn

This device is comfortable and works well enough for short periods, however I have found it incompatible with 24/7 chastity, even overnight I would not trust it not to cut off circulation to my scrotum. It writhes, changes position, and with pants on is fairly uncomfortable.. Try walking it it, seriously.. As a trans girl I might add the phrase "male chastity" is stupid, because both men and women can have penises.. Just less of us do.

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Reviewed: Sunday 02 March, 2014 by Anonymous

Got the cb6000 and love it kinda hard to keep from getting hard but goes right on with ease im using the biggest ring and medium spacer and it fits well. I haven't tried to pee standing up yet but it would prob work. Only downfall I noticed when I recived it was no.problems with the product but the case being embossed which it isn't. I know its not that big of deal but its stated that it would be and it isn't. Other than that no problems love it

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Reviewed: Thursday 20 February, 2014 by Victor E.

With some testing it fits nice, but it has terrible quality and material. Used mine for about two weeks with normal activities. First the cage broke in half, then the U-ring broke. Get something else. [ Editor's Note: If you got it here you could get a free replacement. We guarantee all of our products to be defect-free for the first 30 days of ownership. Just contact customer service about that replacement. ]

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Reviewed: Tuesday 05 November, 2013 by luke woodman

Just put the cb 6000 on, What a nice fit. Felt helpless immediately, I was watching the hottest porn , but could not get off. does not show too obvious under normal jeans, no-one would know really. Took some time getting the mix of ring and spacer right, now using the middle ring and one of the shortest spacers. My balls ar tightly secured too.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 07 August, 2013 by Anonymous

Funny thing about this device…my wife took to it amazingly fast and now I am in it all the time. We have been playing the "game" for about three years. I suggested a device probably two years ago. She made a face and said she wasn't interested. I bought the CB6000 several weeks ago because I wanted a chastity device even if she didn't. I put it on, dropped a few hints and gave her a key, not telling her what it was for. Once she figured it out she asked to see it, decided she liked it and now I am wearing it all the time except when I am at work. I think one of her favorite things to do is hide the key. I have no idea where it is. I've found you need to steadily go smaller on the spacers to keep it secure once your body gets used to it but in general it is perfectly comfortable to wear.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 24 April, 2013 by Happy Wife

I surprised my husband with a CB6000 on his birthday. I told him that I was going to give him a treat and I tied him to the bed and blindfolded him. Of course he was very arroused so I used a bag of frozen peas on his cock to bring the swelling down and then I put it on him. He knew what was happening as we've talked about if before and he loved the role play. After the usual teething trouble of finding the right pin & ring sizes he wears it for 7 - 10 days at a time with just a few minutes out each morning to shower and clean it and himself. He says it's very comfortable and he sleeps ok in it. We've not had any problems with splitting so far and with a bit of practise you can get it on without pinching the skin. For me it's bl**dy wondrful - I control his cock, I keep the key on a chain around my neck & I feel so powerful and I find that I'm aroused all day too! Almost every night he tries to make me cum and is most put out if I don't let him!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 20 March, 2013 by Anonymous

Started off on saturday wearing it about 5 hours. now on wednesday I feel terrible if I don't wear it. It makes me so horny wearing it and not being able to get totally hard. it is so erotic and so submissive at the same time. I am going to buy an s cage and see if i can cram it in that little thing!

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Reviewed: Thursday 21 February, 2013 by OUCH This hurts

Had a CB 3000 for years... Figured I would upgrade to the CB 6000..... All,it does is pinch like hell the cb 3000 only pinched omce in awhile and fit very well.... The CB 6000 has several pinch points when placing it on and I have gone to the smallest ring size I can get on, and still,pull my dick out of the device unlike the CB 3000.......

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Reviewed: Saturday 16 February, 2013 by Anonymous

I got one of these recently and wanted to put in my own brief commentary: some people say it breaks. It has a one year defects warranty though so don't worry about it falling apart. Mine is sturdy, snug, and I fully fill it. I was easily able to wear it a whole day after a bit of initial fiddling with finding the right size of base ring, of which five are provided. I usually have a size problem when it comes to sex toys (I'm a big boy) so the only advice I'd add is keep an eye on how you hang when completely soft. Most people, I think, would want the normal sized one.

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Reviewed: Sunday 30 December, 2012 by Mike Ka

I had a CB3000 years ago and hated it, due to that annoying pin that was in the middle of the O ring pinching me in the night and waking me up screaming. The 6000 promised to be better so here I am. The design is 100x better! I still needed to clean up my pubic hair, and be careful of pinching, but once its on, its fine. The downside was this is actually to big for me. I get very large erections but when my penis is relaxed, it can get small. I dont have a "small penis" by any stretch, so I didnt think id need the S model. The downfallw as the tip of my penis didnt reach the tip, so when id go to pee, there would be a good half inch or 3/4 gap between the tip of my penis and the tip of the device. I went ahead and got the S (cage only) and it was perfect! It closed the gap and i can actually pee standing up in it. Overall, if your unsure if your penis can fill the shaft WITH the ring and spacer, go with the S.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 25 December, 2012 by B Backside

My parter came home with this chastity device and he said it was for me to wear full time. I'm a bottom and he said there's no reason to have a erection. The only time it's off is when his friends want to suck me off. It was embarassing when he made me where it through airport screening.

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Reviewed: Thursday 12 July, 2012 by Anonymous

My Gf bought this without me knowing about it and one night she ask me if i could do something for her and i said yes and she said good and next thing i know am tied down and geting the CB6000 put on my dick and its been about 2 weeks now and i love being lock up in this Chastity Device a slave to my Mistress and no way to get out of this IF you fit it right if you are starting out i would say get this out and then get other ones down the road

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Reviewed: Tuesday 24 April, 2012 by Monkey Spanker

I have been in th CB6k going on for 3 months now. The first time putting it on was a little awkward as it did not come with very good directions. The first couple of days were spent getting the right spacers and ring sizes worked out. I recommend using the smallest comfortable ring possible this will help cut down on chaffing. I do still get a little chaffing or burning on the back side of the lower ring however this is easily remedied by using a little petroleum jellie. To get into the cage I use astro glide. For a lower end chasity device it definitely gets the job done. I recommend it for individuals just getting started in chastity play. Then if this is your thing upgrade to a custome device.

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Reviewed: Thursday 22 March, 2012 by Anonymous

Agree it is junk. Went through two of them with only a few wearings each. Both broke so that there was no fixing them. I did like the look, though. If they can come out with a decent product and guarantee no breakagge, i would try again. For now will stick with metal ones that don't break... Maybe birdlock or Bon4, except they get terrible reviews too. This would be too expensive if it were $49.95!

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Reviewed: Monday 16 January, 2012 by plasticwearlover malesub

I've had my 6000 for about a year. My 8" hard cock and bigger balls make it imposible to remove after I selected the largest back ring and the secound longest pin and spacer. I can see where smaller guys with smaller balls might be able to remove it but I can't. I also split the cage but was able to fix it pretty easy with some caa glue. I also recently broke off one of the back ring eyes. I didn't know they were only $20 so I cut one off a smaller ring and spliced it into my 2" ring. Other than those issues, it has been very secure and with my wife as the keyholder, I am only released from the cage when she wants some hard cock. Otherwise I have to service her with her silicone dildo and my tounge while wearing the cage. While this is uncomfortable when my cock starts to swell, it is not unbearable to wear long term. I have worn it up to 30 days at a time with many times over 2 weeks. I usually get released so I can fuck the wife but the cage has to go back on before I can get off myself. This has made me a much better lover in the long run.

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Reviewed: Monday 26 December, 2011 by Anonymous

well used it today girlfriend like it said it kept it out of the way as she used my ass with her strapon, she took it off later took a while but got rock hard after that and served her well

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Reviewed: Sunday 18 December, 2011 by Paula MW

I bought this for my husband about three years ago as a joke christmas present. I wanted to see the look on his face when he opened it and guess what it was worth it. We tried it on that day and found it quite fiddly. My husband is a reasonable size but would not say overly large and yet it is almost impossible to get his penis in even when only slightly aroused. Eventually we got it work with the next but smallest ring and the longest locking pin with as many spacers as we could fit on. There is definitely no way out once locked in. I then teased him and could see that as his penis tried to get hard it bulged in the device and caused him pain but there was no way he was getting erect. I then let him out and we made love. And that was the end. Until a couple of months ago. He bought me a metal chastity belt! God knows how he did it but it fitted perfectly. The difference is he was serious about me wearing it. Well we had a discussion ending with my refusal. Our sex life has been getting more infrequent and finally a couple of weeks ago we discussed this. It transpires that we both get urges at different times and have been satisfying ourselves so to speak. I laughingly sug

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Reviewed: Monday 29 August, 2011 by Anonymous

Absolutely junk. Second time I had it on I split the main cage open. Then next time I broke the ring in two spots. I had to use the largest ring and the next smaller cuts of circulation when I try to get hard so now all I have is a small bag of useless plastic. This is a huge waste of money. Take my advice and get something made out of steel.

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Reviewed: Sunday 19 June, 2011 by Anonymous

The device is decent, but flawed in its design. As another comment stated, it can cut the penis. The cage is two pieces of plastic that are snapped tightly together. This leaves a tiny seam along the top and bottom of the cage. The problem is when the penis gets hard, the cage will expand slightly which allows the skin to get trapped in the seam. This results in a very painful pinch or a cut. So its not practical for long term wear.

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Reviewed: Saturday 18 June, 2011 by TM Co

I got this for my boy and he was able to pull his penis out and over the chastity. Not effective at all.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 17 May, 2011 by Gian Carlo Martin

My Master I put the CB-6000 for 30 days and get it for 60 days, since I could not masturbate, I lead a normal life, going to work, the gym, the beach, do the housework. Only the first 2 nights I find difficult to overcome that my penis was caged and when you try to grow the device prevents it, I highly recommend it for long periods of celibacy.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 20 April, 2011 by painfull splitcut

I thoroughly enjoyed this device and the added benefit to my relationship. It truly satisfied my girlfriend knowing I was hers and hers alone. Unable to masturbate and forced to remain faithful. I was satisfied until I awoke this morning with a painful erection and cut on the top of my penis. I had become hard in my sleep and split the cage. I like the theory of a chastity device but I am now considering weather a different device may have been a better choice. I now must decide weather to purchase another cb6000 cage or different device all together. What a disappointment considering the cost involved with whichever decision I make.

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Reviewed: Saturday 16 April, 2011 by Anonymous

It would be nice if there was a disclaimer like if your balls hang somewhat low this device will not do anything, i can pull it right off my testicles are still locked in the cage so yes sex would be awkward but i can still masturbate, Now I'm looking for another chastity device that's a little more effective. I highly recommend that you get a different device unless your testicles sit directly behind your penis right up against your body.

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Reviewed: Monday 11 April, 2011 by Anonymous

I had the CB2000 before this and wow what an improvement in comfort. At first I thought it was gonna be too big (I'm right at 7" hard) but its actually perfect. Also it is easily.concealed under jeans. I have been wearing it for 2 days now with no problems

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Reviewed: Sunday 13 March, 2011 by BLACK OWNED WHITE BOY

My black girlfriend bought me one of these after she caught me masterbating the other day, she said I was cheating on her by doing that!!! Well after she got me locked up and I can only get out when she wants sex!!! Some times she makes me wait two weeks or more before letting me out, but when she does I perform longer & better than before. I would recommend this product to anyone!!! She is still training me and likes bragging to her girlfriends what she is doing to me, I don't mind anymore I enjoy serving the black race now it's alot of fun!!!

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Reviewed: Saturday 12 March, 2011 by Anonymous

Not durable at all. After only one painful night under this chastity device, the cage cracked in half along the sealing line. Hence i was cut several times until i had to run out and get the key to my device. What a waste of money!

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Reviewed: Saturday 29 January, 2011 by Kathleen D.

My boyfriend bought one of these and gave me the key for my birthday. He wore it with a satin ribbon tied around his cock to present it to me. I now get sex when I want it and how I want it. I wear the key on a necklace and it rests between my boobs. When I am in the mood I just waive the key at him and he becomes hard as soon as I unlock it. He said his orgasms are fewer but so much better. He spends more time with his head under my skirt than before too, whenever I want his tongue. This device has really improved our sex life!

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Reviewed: Monday 24 January, 2011 by Anonymous

I bought this to have some fun with my girlfriend who is reasonable jaluox when I go out with friends. The day it came I tried it on and then the right size was found. She quickly grabbed the keys and said "Well, now we see if it works". It's 14 days ago now but she has said that it comes off on Friday. Can not wait! Try it - it's a great toy!

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Reviewed: Monday 03 January, 2011 by ej ej

We got it a couple weeks ago & my girlfriend locked me up right away. I have been in it for 2 weeks & I am going crazy! All we think about now is sex & she is the only one getting off. Last night she walked into the bedroom with the key in her hand as she climbed on top of me & started grinding on it, kissing me, pulling my nipples. She then reaches back & unlocks it, leaves the lock in the pin while she starts kissing me again. Before I know it she has her handcuffs on me & she is locking them up with the lock on the device. Now I know I am really screwed because she whispers "gottca". Now I am rolled over on my stomach, she forces me up on my knees and say "relax baby". I hear her going through her toy bag & I already know what she is gettting, her inflatable/vibrating butt plug. Unfortunitly I was right, after it was in, I was rolled back over. As she is climbing back up me she places a zipper around each of my nipples, before resting on my face, "Start licking". It only took a couple minutes before she started to cum & that was when the zipper came off me. As she climbed off she grabbed her panties & wiped herself off. She then climbed back into bed, kissed me again, shoved the

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Reviewed: Friday 13 August, 2010 by Anonymous

No good at all! No matter what size ring and spacer I you I'm able to pull out. If I got enough time I can also sneak it back in.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 04 August, 2010 by Anonymous

Once you have the right fit there is no getting out!! I bought this for my girlfriend and have found out she is much better playing this game than I am!!! This is now the longest I have been locked up!!! One week without a single touch of my cock and she wants me to wait at least an extra weekend maybe more!! I have not been able to pull out of it like the comments and would not even want to try!!!!! Right now I just want OUT!!!!

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Reviewed: Saturday 24 July, 2010 by Anonymous

Mine came the other day. Girlfriend bought this to keep my hands off myself, and other hands off of myself. I agreed but now it realize how helpless my dick is. It can be busted off but then my dick wouldn't get to play with her, so it's stuck inside. Exemely comfortable but totally inescapable once sized right.

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Reviewed: Friday 11 June, 2010 by Anonymous

For the second time the pin cracked! the pin is located at the base ring (there are two) prior to locking the CB6000 together. The first time it took a while to get replaced, but I did not think that this would take place again. The pins (both) should be metal instead of plastic! So when this gets fixed, only then will the CB6000 work well! Also the different size pins also should be metal (the ones in the middle) where the lock goes through.

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Reviewed: Thursday 10 June, 2010 by John LH

I bought the CB6000 and WOW is this great! I had the CB3000 but during the nights, my erections would make wearing the CB3000 painful and I would have to take it off, but the CB6000, it is very comfortable and I am able to sleep through the night. I have a 7 incher erect, so if you are around there, the CB6000 is great. If longer, the Curve might be a better choice. I have been wearing it 24/7 and have no problems. I almost went for the super good-looking Camouflage CB6000, but I couldn't see my cock and monitor him so I went with the clear. If you don't want to see your cock, the Camouflage CB6000 is very manly and sexy and will get instant attention from others. The CB6000 is pretty easy to put on but I highly recommend you shave your cock and balls because hairs tend to catch in the rings that come together with different pieces. Also I use a lubricating gel to coat the inside of the cage so I can slip it on. The pee hole is big and makes it pretty easy to urinate and I can stand up when I urinate in it too without any problems. The wider ring is more comfortable than with the CB3000. I don't like vent holes because skin tends to pool in them, but the ones in the CB6000 are

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Reviewed: Wednesday 09 June, 2010 by Anonymous

had this for about 1 1/2 years (not in it the hole time but lots) was comfortable to wear once proper ring and spacer was figured out. unfortunately it split along the bottom seam and pinched my skin (ouch) ordering a metal one now.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 18 May, 2010 by Anonymous

I bought a CB6000 last summer with some interest without my wife knowing. I didn't wear it until about a month ago when I told her. She was shocked but interested. She hasn't left me locked up longer than a week (yet) and she can see changes in the bed and outside the bed as well. I would recommend this to anyone with the stipulation of purchasing the clear one (I didn't) and wished I had.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 12 May, 2010 by Anonymous

Well i wasnt really into chastity but my wife and i decided to try it out cause when shes away i was a chronic masterbatter but since we got or cb 6000 i cant no more but when she gets home and takes it off i have noticed i want her more and i come longer and harder than ever brfore it is a must have for any body

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Reviewed: Wednesday 28 April, 2010 by Anonymous

like my cb 6000 but seen the ksdgs6000 attachment wondering where to get in us

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Reviewed: Tuesday 13 April, 2010 by Anonymous

I was quite excited when this device was ordered for me and even more excited when it arrived. I was strapped down by my master and he shaved me and locked the cb6000 on. I have only been unlocked three times and all of those times I have been tied down. It has been so long since I have been able to touch my cock and I love it! It is a wonderful device and I recommend it to everyone.

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Reviewed: Friday 09 April, 2010 by Anonymous

I purchased this device on feb 14 2010. Had this thing on feb 22nd. As many have described there is a need to get this thing adjusted, i suggest before the Significant other gets a hold of the key. Make sure you can wear it as adjusted for a few hours. Baby oil is a must to get it on and keep it comfortable. First couple weeks had lots of trouble sleeping, and was really focused on whatever i could do to make her happy. In hopes of one day getting relief. Once on it was on for 5 days straight with a tied up hand job after 3 and then put right back on. WOW never screamed so loud during an orgasm. But as mentioned by other people you must work into 24/7 wear I noticed after this first week My lil buddy was pruning and peeling, actually had to take it off for a few days and let it heal. But now over a month later i have only had it off for a total of maybe 5 days.. most of those supervised, i can tell you that this thing is way more comfy than you expect. I work retail lots of standing and selling stuff to people. Also been working on her cars a lot with it on and no problems there. truth is you can do anything. Awesome product. Wish more people would right real reviews instead of dis

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Reviewed: Tuesday 23 March, 2010 by subman lockedup

I love the device, but I have experienced the same problem as a previous reviewer. After very little use, the seem down the middle of the cage split. I would assume others have had the same problem since it is possible to buy the 'cage only', but for $89 I have to ask myself whether it is a sound purchase. Will it happen again, or was it a defect? The good news.....I was able to fix it, at least for now, with a super glue pen. If you find that you must make this repair, remember not to let the glue leak through to the inside or you will leave a rough edge....not fun at all. All-in-all, this is a well thought out product. The only improvement I would suggest is to cast the case as a single piece. Hopefully you will not have a similar experience as I did, in which case the CB6000 is a homerun.

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Reviewed: Monday 22 March, 2010 by Baby Petra

Control, control and more control. I have now had my CB6000 for nearly a year now and my wife just loves it and so do I! Wearing it is better than not wearing it and I miss it if for some reason I get to go out without it. In that case I have to wear my pink thick cotton panties and feminine Pad. I love my CB6000. I guess it is a bit like a teddy, you really miss it when it's not around. My wife has control and deals to me if I step out of line. The most painful punishment I ever recieved was when I was tied down to our bed and she removed the cage but left the secure rings in place. Next she got some toothpaste and wiped it around inside the cage and the twisted it around my cock and she secured it back in place. The pain hit with searing heat and then she went out. 2 weeks later the rash finally disappeared. I recieve a prostate massage once a week and if I am well behaved I get to pull myself off on the 1st day of the month, if that day is a Sunday then I have to wait until the next month, I'm not looking forward to August this year. Thank you to all those who helped produce this wonderful tool, my cock will forever be eternally greatful.

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Reviewed: Friday 12 February, 2010 by fuck balls

i got it in the post this morning my pussy friend invited a grope of girls to play. it is cool!!

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Reviewed: Thursday 04 February, 2010 by Jen\'s Toy Me

What a rush !! My girlfriend loves this wickedly cruel do I !! She loves to keep me locked up for 7-10 days, all the while demanding that I pleasure her during the entire time. OMG !! My cock (well..really hers) is absolutely throbbing and my balls (yet again hers!) are as blue as can be! This chastity device actually makes me walk funny ! And not by the shape or how it's made, but merely by what it does to my cock and balls. After making the proper adjustments to the rings and pins, we have found the absolute perfect size to keep (her) cock locked up and secure! I literally tried to pry my (her!) cock out of this damn thing and can't do it! With this thing on she has access to 'her' balls and tortures the shit out of them, all the while my (her!) cock is in sheer agony! She does let me out of her cage every 3-4 days to wash my (her) cock and balls as well as the cage, but so far, she keeps me locked up until she's damn good and ready to be fucked! The longest that she's made me wears this fucking thing is 10 days ! WTF !! My nuts were about to explode !!! I love this thing and I hate it !! Good job, assholes !!

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Reviewed: Thursday 26 November, 2009 by Jay Jones

I received my CB6000 on time and it looked great. I already own the CB3000 and was looking forward to the up-grade. Me and my wife were on a trip out of the country and we have lots of fun with our toys. When we got to our destination I tried the my new unit on. The first problem was there was a split in the lower seam and I got caught in it, Ouch, what a pinch! I can understand how a small defect can happen and I was sure that this issue would be taken care of, so, I got past the seam problem to try the rest for fit and found that they had indeed done away with the hinge ( a good thing to do )But the 3 piece new system was no improvement at all! First the three piece system is clumsy and hard to work with. Second and most import it pinches and grabs skin when you are trying to put it together EVERY TIME!!! An improvement that was no improvement. The 3000 does it safer, faster and easier. My advice buy the CB3000 and have fun!!!

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Reviewed: Sunday 04 October, 2009 by David Witherspoon

On my birthday my wife announced that she had a gift for me but that I had to wait until that night when her two best girlfriends were coming over. When we were all together she gave me the CB6000 and said this is from all of us - please put it on now. I have been wearing it 24/7 since then and its very comfortable. I'm not really sure who has the keys so I just try to please them all. A wonderful device - it has changed my life so much for the better!!

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Reviewed: Friday 25 September, 2009 by Slave Teresa

I have had the CB6000 for about a year. This is my second device. It is very comfortable for long term wear. My mistress wishes it were a bit smaller in diameter. She likes to make me wear it for extended periods and then she will put a condom on it and have sex with me with it on. I have all of the mental and physical aspects of having sex except no sensation where it counts most. This is very frustrating. Lucky for me it is as big around as it is as it is not real comfortable for her. If it were smaller I might nerver get out!

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Reviewed: Saturday 19 September, 2009 by Donald Sauter

This device is great. it is very secure and very, very comfortable. I have other devices and all were very uncomfortable to wear 24/7. But this CB6000 was very very comfortable to wear 24/7 know matter what you may do...

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Reviewed: Thursday 10 September, 2009 by

This is amazing! I love wearing it for a day or so before intercourse as it ensures there's NO sensation on the penis until you take it off, this contrast...well, that's something to be savored. I haven't had the opportunity to find a long term key holder, but I'd imagine the effect would be even more intense.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 01 September, 2009 by S Unravelled

VERY easy to get off. With an 8" long medium thickness tool, you'll have no problem lubing up and sliding out of this one. Make it any tighter and it cuts off circulation. Fail!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 25 August, 2009 by

This is an amazing device! It has brought new spark back into my fiance (now keyholder) and my life! It had truly added a new dimention to our lives. I have almost always been the dominat one and it is fun when she has control of my pleasure and decides when I can get released! The device is relatively comfortable for long term wear however it does help to take it off every couple days or so. The only complaint I have about the device is the seam that runs down the length of it on the bottom. When erect it can split just ever so slightly and pinch skin. Overall great product and I highly reccomend it!!!!

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Reviewed: Thursday 06 August, 2009 by

I just got my cb 6000 today only a few minutes ago. I am 100% impressed/satisfied. My only problem is i get turned on every time i try to put it on... My head is having trouble fitting (Like the other person said). However i figure the harder for me to put on, the harder to take off later... this thing really works. I cant wait till my dick dies down and i get it locked on. Definitely a must buy for chastity lovers. I hope they come out with points of intrigue soon, I dont need them but the more security... the better.

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Reviewed: Monday 13 July, 2009 by hantz brooks

the cage is too small can not get even the head into cage. I need a wider cage is there such a piece.

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Reviewed: Saturday 04 July, 2009 by Sissy Danielle

Well here we are just about a year later and now I am kept on the CB6K 24/7 and am only let out when I have earned getting released. The CB has been very comfortable to wear this past year but a few mods have made it a lot more comfortable to wear for me. I rounded the main ring which has made it a lot more comfortable to wear, cut the side pins off to the length of the device so no points digging into cloths and causing it to turn, rounded and polished the underside slightly so no skin irritation, I use a KSD to make sure I will not be able to pull out and stop any thought of an erection as it hurts like hell if I get an erection for too long of a time, and I use baby oil jell as a lubricant has worked wonderfully. Q tips are my best friend for cleaning and to apply the baby gel. My Wife loves the control as there is absolutely not stimulation of your penis with this on. After a few weeks in the device if asked to walk in public in my maids dress I would do it for release as you will get absolutely no satisfaction when in this device. It is a great produce and has really helped our relationship get better not that it was bad to start with but you will be amazed after a while how y

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Reviewed: Tuesday 30 June, 2009 by American Husband

Got my CB6000 as a gag suprise birthday present for my wife. I had put it on and locked it and wrapped the key as a present. not knowinf she would have company her female friends.When she opened the present and found a key, she asked me what it this for? I mumbled I would show her later, she laufgred it is my birthday show me now, all her friends joined in sayinf, yes show her now, Well I ended up naked in front of everyone, showinf off my wife's new present. control of my cock. Her friends said that was the best birthday present ever, and that they all wanted the same ting from their husbands.

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Reviewed: Friday 10 April, 2009 by Jeff Stryker

I have been locked in this device now for almost a week. My girlfriend isn't thrilled about the idea of keeping me chaste but she's working at it. We previously played around with the 3000 but it was too uncomfortable for long term wear. The 6000 is fairly unnoticable under normal clothing. In all, a great improvement over the 3000. 4/5.

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Reviewed: Monday 06 April, 2009 by Robert B Mc

This is a wonderful chastity device. I have a problem getting it on as it is a little to small both in girth and length, perhaps you could produce a special large one.However, once on it is very confortable. While i have it on I can go about my normal day as it does not show at all. When you were this clever device you are unable to get an erection and it is impossible to remove while locked. The women love it as it puts them in total control of the love making. Good job.

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Reviewed: Sunday 22 March, 2009 by John Micheals

This is an amazing device. The feeling is intense and yet you can't touch your cock. It fits snugly and there is no chance of escape. You have to be completely flaccid when you put it on or it will pinch, but once on, it is completely comfortable and effective and can be easily worn under street clothes.

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Reviewed: Saturday 03 January, 2009 by st-one thanks

it realy makes me feel really secure knowing that my mistress has me literally by the balls . she is controlling my pleasure.

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Reviewed: Monday 29 December, 2008 by UK Husband

I live in the UK and ordered the CB6000 in December as a Christmas present for my wife. We are more mainstream than some of your other reviewers, and wanted it just for fun in bed and - occasionally - to make my wife feel comletely secure when I see old female friends on my own. It arrived 9 days later, as promised (8-12 days), and I immediately handed the key to her. I tried it on, on the largest ring and no spacer (which was fine but not quite right). It is fiddly to put on initially, but with practice quite quick. It is easy to pull out of the back of the largest ring, although difficult to get back into. The next largest ring is fine, and I suspect that I will step down one more for a snug fit. It feels very comfortable and looks very sexy, and my wife enjoyed playing with herself thinking about it before it came and has had huge orgasms since we've had it - I indulge her in a position in which she can see it, and then she removes it and we have great sex. One of the by-products of the device is that once released, your penis is more swollen and harder than normal. I have tried wearing it overnight; night time erections are uncomfortable for a while, but it has only woken me

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Reviewed: Wednesday 10 December, 2008 by chastityrx

this device is awesome! though my dick has a bit more girth and is tougher to get in, it just adds to the fun of being helpless and at your mistresses mercy. I received it yesterday and its extremely comfortable. my mistress said that she plans to leave me in it until new years... or longer! in addition. the key to the cb 6000 just dangles from her necklace. she says that anytime anyone asks what it goes to... she'll simply say "my property" in addition. this product makes it impossible to pleasure oneself. the only pleasure that I will recieve is from her large pink vibration dildo that will be used in both of my holes. how demasculating it will be to blow her pink dong and then use my lube from my mouth to only have her ram my ass. 5/5!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 12 November, 2008 by Locked Up

Spend the money, get this one. Let me sum it up and then read the rest if you want. Anyway.... For good everyday or long term wear, this device is a good all around choice. Very lightweight and seemingly made of high quality material. It comes with enough parts for average to small penis sizes. If you are 8" or more, this probably isn't for you, sorry. Easy to clean on and off. You can read all the details in the description but here are some of my thoughts. I got it because it seems to be one of the only ones that can really be worn 24/7 under clothes if you have to. Beware in tight pants, the whole device and your penis moves and might cause some discomfort and be noticable. I agree with everyone else that its' weight is hardly noticable. After wearing it for several days one of my testicles slipped out, but moving to a smaller ring solved that problem. You don't have to shave to wear this, but I would definately recommend it because the hairs get caught or pinched easily. Definately use some lubrication (gel or even lotion) to put it on. This also helps alleviate any friction problems. The urination issue, just pull the device up while pushing your body forward to try and ge

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Reviewed: Tuesday 21 October, 2008 by Robert Bruce

I received my CB6000 yesterday and had a little trouble getting it on at first. I am almost too large for it but it is now confortably in place and I feel really secure. My girl friend is now fully in charge of our sex life and we both love that. For anyone wanting to secure her fellow I would highly recommend this device. It hides well under my clothing and I am always aware of it's presence. She loves to tease me a bit and that adds to the thrill of being locked up. You have made a terrific device for controlling the sexual activities of any man wearing it.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 15 October, 2008 by House Hubby

This thing is serious! It looks like a cute little plastic thing, but it is extremely cruel and effective. Using the right sized cuff ring, once the CB6000 is locked on, your dick is isolated and your balls are spread out and locked down. The effect on the mind is incredible! Mistress is quite happy with my attentiveness and desire to please. She’s got me by the balls for sure now. The biggest problem with this puppy is that you can't have any more arousing thoughts because you start to get an erection and your balls start aching and eventually turn blue. You will have to learn some self control. Morning wood is a real pain too. Giving up your manhood with this also means peeing like a girl. Unless you want to show off your plastic encased member to all in front of a urinal while to try to arrange your downward pointing wiener, you really need to sit and tinkle. Speaking of showing off, if you are wearing tight pants, you might look quite well endowed while sitting with you legs spread. With a little training though, the CB6000 is rather innocuous. Lubrication is absolutely vital. The cuff ring can be quite uncomfortable around my ball sack if it starts to dry out. With it locked o

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Reviewed: Monday 01 September, 2008 by Steel Strong

I have been using a CB3000 for sometime now which was not secure without using the KSD security ring it was not really comfortable for extended wear the cuff hinge was a problem . The CB6000 is so much better, the person who designed it must have worn the CB3000 . CB6000 fits like a glove on your shaft and the enhanced end allows a bit of movement but only until the glans expands to fill it ! It looks really good then for your keyholder. The cuff ring is a better more secure size . I dont think you will escape from this one and the build quality is improved also

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Reviewed: Sunday 27 July, 2008 by Sissy Danielle

I recieved the CB6000 in the mail this past Thursday and have had it on ever since. My wife was out of town and she wanted to make sure her sissy would not be playing with herself and boy does this device asure that. getting am erection is almost painful and will stop any idea of fooling around. Ladies if you are looking at getting the CB6000 to make sure your BF/Husband does not stray then buy this item and keep the key to yourself. I can honestly say I never though this device would be this controlling and humbiling to wear but my wife controls my penis now and she loves it. Just think of all the laughter that your SO would get if he tried to stray. When they undress the women would see the CB6000 and she would know that his penis is not only owned by another women but the man standing if front of her is not really a man but a pseudo female as he would only be good at pleasing her orally because the CB6000 when attached is impossible to get off. Hell after a week of wearing it I bet you could get them to agree to anything you wanted My wife and I are looking forward to many weeks of frustraction and the CB6000 will guarantee that my sissy status is alway on my mind. Sissy Dani

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Reviewed: Saturday 26 July, 2008 by chastity husband

I wanted my wife to be in controll of me so i told her i wanted a chastity device so we started looking for one i wanted to get a belt style made of steel but she toght that was to much so we decided to get a cb6000. it arrived and right away we put it on it was hard to get on at first and the largest ring hurt me and made my balls hurt (but i was always hard) but after 3 days i went to size 4 and never was better about 4 weeks later the #4 ring broke and i had to put the big one back on i was able to pull myself out a masterbate then put it back in so i told my wife and she said deal with the number 3 ring cause that is what you will wear now so at night i put on 5 and day3 she holds the key and now after 2 months she is begining to be very dominate she calls me bitch and pussy most of the time. now she makes me get he off about everyother day and then she fucks me with larg strapon.

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Reviewed: Saturday 29 March, 2008 by paulap slave

This is my first chastity device and i love it. My Owner Mistress does also. It is extremely compfortable and well-made. i definitely recommend it. I look forward to wearing it alot because we both like it and i love what it does to my mind. Not sure i can put it all into words, but i really do feel owned now.

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Reviewed: Friday 21 March, 2008 by s boy

When i was first shown this item and told that i would be wearing one, i had some trepidation. The CB6000 arrived and was presented to me, dutifully i dropped my pants and presented my gentalia. After a few fitting trials, the perfect set of rings and pins was found. My CB6000 was secured in place. The first thing that i noticed was the weight, it did not feel anywhere near as heavy as i thought it would. It quickly became quite comfortable. Now 5 days later, i feel like it should have been secured a long time ago. I have found that it is very comfortable to wear 24/7/+. It hides very well beneath clothing. My CB6000 has very quickly become a part of me and i am proud to wear it (and proud to show it off too). Thank you for designing an excellent product. I would recommend it to anyone interested in security.

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Reviewed: Sunday 09 March, 2008 by Garrett deBlieck

To prove my love and commitment to my girlfriend (gladly now my fiance!), I told her I was willing to wear a chastity device whenever she wished me to. She agreed and we made the order for the CB 6000 this past mid December, 2007. This was the first either of us has had when it comes to any chastity device. This decision was not easy to make and is my primary complaint! First off, there is no descriptive range of penis sizes that the CB 6000 can accomodate. This was a disappointment and made the chastity a very risky order in respect to whether the thing would even work for me. When flacid, I am typically 4" long and over 7" when erect. My girth is, I'd say, about average, not too thin and not too thick. When I first received the CB in the mail it was a very exciting time when we put it on! When I first put it on (it took a while and alot of lube) I had the largest ring and the longest spacer. The sensation was very constraining but not painful. At that time I couldn't imagine using any of the smaller rings or spacers supplied. After a few weeks of wearing it about 90% of the time I grew very used to it and frequently forgot I was indeed locked up! After one of my testicals sneaked

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Reviewed: Sunday 24 February, 2008 by My sweet Valentine

My wife and I started dating on Valentine's Day three years ago. On Valentine's day 2008 my wife produced the CB-6000 and asked me to try it on. While I was figuring out the rings and spacers, she asked me if I masterbated when we dated; we had dated for three months before we had sex. I said yes, almost daily, that's when she came over and helped me close the lock. Then she said " I didn't masterbate once while we dated, and I think you owe me three months of chastity honey." My heart sank, and my cock twitched as I pulled at the device in vain. I looked to her for mercy, she chuckled with an evil grin, and I knew she was going to collect on the debt, and there was nothing I could do about it. Well I have been giving my wife oral service every day now and loving it, and I dote on her just like when we were dating and she loves it. She said the key is in a safe place, and she has no intention of letting me out before I have paid my debt to her. I have never been so turned on and frustrated in my life, and I have come to love this evil streak in my wife. When I beg for release she chuckles and says, "You jerked off everyday when we were dating, now you must service me every

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Reviewed: Friday 18 January, 2008 by Slave John

WOW, this thing really works. There is not a chance in hell I can get out. My Mistress bought the gates of hell for me, and I loved it but the problem was she caught me jerking off and looking at porn too much. So as a peace offering I bought her this. OHH MY GOD did I fuck up. she told me to go put it on when it arrived and I did. I also wanted to make sure she understood that this was a real offering so I printed up a chastity contract. The contract is for one year and she holds the only key. Although we wrote in the contract that we would make a second key and put it in a signed sealed envelope in case of emergencies. Trust me there is a need for it unless you want to try cutting the lock off because there is no way to get your cock out of this thing without removing the lock. I am not bragging but looking at the picture of the model is just not real to me, where did they find this guy. I had to use the largest ring with the largest spacer maybe because I am not circumsized, but none the less, my cock is locked in, I can not jerk off and looking at porn is truely painful. As far as every day life with it on I'm not sure yet, I have been locked in for about 2 days and I

Was this review helpful? 8   51

Reviewed: Saturday 13 October, 2007 by Robert Depot

May I just say “thanks” to all who took the time to write a review. And a Special Thanks to XR for having reviews for the listed products. I have been into CBT, bondage and nipple “stimulation” probably since puberty. Finding a mate 26 years ago with similar “kinky” desires then, well, it just wasn’t talked about. I would never go outside of my relationship to “scratch that itch”, as tempting as it is today with all the websites and local scene gatherings. My wife wasn’t into B&D, even though I purchased some videos, wearables, cuffs, etc. We did some bed-bondage “BC” (before children) but it wasn’t something she would initiate. So, I’ve been a real closet CBT for 27 years of marriage. I’ve purchased lots of CBT toys over the years, including electro-stim stuff. She did somewhat enjoy the violet wand, but it has resided on a shelf for a while. In search of my next toy, and again, thanks to contributing reviewers, I began reading the reviews of all the Male Chastity Devices. ‘Must have been a couple of hundred. Whoa! All kinds of positions from male, female and relationship views on these devices.. While I was growing excited at the prospect of another CBT / Bondage device, I h

Was this review helpful? 8   51

Reviewed: Monday 08 October, 2007 by wallace slat

Just got my cb6000 this weekend and all i can say is wow. My lady locked me in it yesterday and have been if for 24 hours. I have to say this is my first restraint and i loved it. It was very comfortable once on but getting on was a different story. with the diamiter being so small i had a hard time getting in completly. pinched alot of skin and took time but got it on and locked. Had to play around with the different sized rings and spacers to find the right one. I have been told the my girl is going out of town for 6 days and that i am to wear it the entire tiem while she holds the key.... can hardly wait...Look forward in having the 6000 on many days to come.....

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Reviewed: Tuesday 18 September, 2007 by Bill Vlass

This device has saved my marrige. Now that my wife is the keyholder she knows I'm faithful, because once this is on and it's fitted correctly you're not getting out. Use high quality silicone lubricant as recommended for more comfort. Also. use a drop or @ in the lock to keep it from rusting in the shower. Since I started useing the CB-6000 my wife has let me out once, and I was more than ready to take care of all her needs, especially since she made me watch her use her vibrator before she unlocked me.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 12 September, 2007 by Tiny Dick

The greatest cb yet, I have tried a lot of them. This one promises to be the one for real long term wear. It is extra comfortable. There is no way to grease your penis and pull it out and sneak it back in, believe you will get caught. I love it and highly recommend it for everyone. ps I have been wearing mine 24/7 since July 21st.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 08 August, 2007 by stephen xxx

My Mistress had me order one of these devices, then she had me lock myself in and give her the only key. It's an excellent device, comfortable (once you've got the right ring and spacers - take a day or two to experiment with those before handing over the key!) Once you get the fit right it's very comfortable, and a constant reminder of your owner/keyholder.

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Reviewed: Saturday 28 July, 2007 by gazmo taz

i am fairly new to the chastity life,self keyholder with strong discipline,,a few months back i got the cb3000,,it was a very comfortable uncomfortable fit ,,if you know what i mean,,i liked everything about it except the cursed riveted hinge,,and the head portion of the cage,it just didn't look normal to look soon as the cb6000 was announced i had to try it,i looked so much more anatomicaly correct. i was concerned about the smaller cage size,but liked the fact of a little longer cage lenght, well,just as i thought the smaller sized cage does make a difference,at least for me,,the side vents are a big plus,,and it takes only a second longer to assemble the pieces. i have been locked in for 2 weeks and the comfort is so much better without the hinge,,but i need to lube the cage at least twice a day,overall it is the best discomfort i have ever had....

Was this review helpful? 7   51

Reviewed: Monday 23 July, 2007 by Jvmssi mi

I have been locked up on and off for sometime, in the 2000, 3000, and the curve we have even used the Houdini. The 6000 is much more comfortable for longterm wear and tear on the body. I am a high and tight kind of guy and find that if I take a hot bath and pull the scrotum out from the body when it is warm and relaxed I can get a smaller ring on and there is no way I am gettting out of this compared to the old design rings. The one plus for now is no points yet which is nice. I highly recommend this if you are into chastity or are thinking of getting into it but be warned once you get into this one your not getting out until your key holder decides its time.

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Reviewed: Saturday 14 July, 2007 by Craig Blaylock

My master surprised me with this two days ago while I was blindfolded and bound to his bed. I've been a bad boy recently, so master wanted to make sure that I didn't have any chance at all to misbehave over the next few months. It took a little bit of ice and a decent amount of lube to get my slightly oversized package into the tube, but once I felt that lock click into place I knew I wouldn't be getting anything anytime soon. It's only been 48 hours and I'm already begging my master to let me out.

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Reviewed: Friday 06 July, 2007 by First time

WoW Excellent Product Came today and put it right on after a little toying with the size it fit perfect. Been wearing it for 6 hours now and have had no problem aside for a few pinched hairs cause I forgot to shave. Gonna Play with the sizing a little bit might be able to go down a ring but I shall see.

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