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Aneros MGX Prostate Massager

Reviewed: Wednesday 07 May, 2014 by mike jasik

I have had my Ameros for about a year and a half. I can't say that I am impressed. The massager digs into my perineum and it hurts. I have gone as long as week without ejaculation,and tried to use the aneros and, I got nothing from it. I lose my erection and, just feel the need to urinate. after a year of trying, I am going to have to say that this product gets an F. Don't waste the money.

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Reviewed: Thursday 20 December, 2012 by Anonymous

I've had one for years-never really worked as advertised. Orgasms are marginally more intense, but nothing explosive like you read online. Does not produce.hands-free orgasms no matter haw long I pump it with my sphincter. I may eventually try the shorter SGX version because I notice most of the pressure is above my prostate. $50 is a lot to spend on something that doesn't work/fit and can't be returned. Too bad you can't measure yourself to see which keep best suits your anatomy.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 27 December, 2011 by Mr. Fun!!!

What can I say I have always like putting my fingers into my butt ever since I can remember. This was the first device I purchased 6 months ago. The key is to relax, relax, relax and just let the pressures melt away. It's a little bit bigger than my middle finger and is very firm and hard. I always warm it up in a cup of hot water. Lube up myself and then it. I begin by rubbing it on my fun zone till it begins to tickle and my inners feel soft and loose. Then I start to gently apply pressure to slowly up it into me. I love the feeling when my o ring releases and its just pops right up in there all by its self. Then I just lay there flexing, contracting, and relaxing all the fun zone. I love this thing so much that my funzone begins to tingle, tickle, and itch just thinking about my next venture with it. WOW!!! REMEMBER: RELAX, RELAX, RELAX, SLOWLY, EASY if your just starting out.

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Reviewed: Monday 31 October, 2011 by Anonymous

Im on the fence. First the product it's self. The packaging and material it was made from was professional and well made. However, this was the first time I have ever put anything in my anus so I will have to give it another shot. The first time did not do anything for me though. Dont sweat the the price. I have paid more for two lap dances and couple of drinks and those didn't make me cum either lol.

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Reviewed: Saturday 30 April, 2011 by Married Dude

i'm a 40 year old man who has a decent sex life. I decided to try ana prostate massage for the first time. I gave this mgx three separate tries. Even though it felt comfortable, I got no extra stimulation or fluid. I'm dissappointed.

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Reviewed: Thursday 17 February, 2011 by Anonymous

This thing is amazing. I'm using mine right now. It makes me squirm and scream. When I sneeze, It goes up and it feels amazing. I like to keep mine in for hours. I walk around, watch some tv, eat some food. Then I masturbate. IT"S INCREDIBLE. I dont know what I would do with myself without it.

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Reviewed: Saturday 24 July, 2010 by D STEL

This is by far the best device I have ever purchased. As soon as I inserted this into my anus my cock sprang to attention, oozing pre-cum like never before. Within ten minutes of gently rubbing my cock, I was having the most powerful, "out of this world orgasm"! It lasted for minutes! My body was shaking and tingling all over. Holy shit, I have never felt anything like it. I used the Aneros with a cock ring and went on to have many more of these beautiful orgasms without ejaculating. I couldn't take it any longer so I started wanking my cock and before I knew it I shot the biggest load of cum I have ever seen, hitting the wall behind my bed! The pleasure was unbelievable! It really is out of this world. This device is making me cum like never before! Thankyou Aneros. You have opened up a whole new world!

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Reviewed: Friday 21 August, 2009 by

My wife is stuck up so I'll never be able to tell her about the stimulator. I too was a bit skeptical about this multiple orgasm thing, but holy sh-t! It took about a month, but finally just by rocking back and forth and squeezing enough to feel it reel push against my g spot and I am having incredible, intense and long non-ejaculatory orgasms. All I can say is thank you!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 21 April, 2009 by Anonymous Guy

Judging from the other positive reviews, it appears that I'm in the minority. I tried this and it did absolutely nothing for me. Wish I could say I felt even a slight tinge of what some others have described... nothing!

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Reviewed: Sunday 14 December, 2008 by yaoi writer

i bought this toy about a month ago as a form of research for my writing. for those of you that dont know what yaoi is, its a japanese term for maleXmale love/sex. a male friend of mine agreed to let me use it on him once to further my research and use it as referance for a story im currently working on. i loved watching him squirm as i moved it in and out of him gently, as he is VERY attractive. within minutes i had him moaning and screaming my name, begging for me to let him come.... thats where the cockring came in handy. it was supposed to be a one time thing, but..well, lets just say he comes over alot more often now ^.^ for guys that want an amazing experience, i definitely think this is a great idea.

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Reviewed: Friday 21 March, 2008 by STEVE MULTI-ORGASMER

This is the very best thing I've ever experienced. After inserting and relaxing for a minute and contracting and releasing, I felt myself ready to explode!! My wife loves watching me squim around and touching my body as I have orgasm after orgasm after mind blowing orgasm. Some last for minutes!!! Orgasms without ejaculation, never thought it could be done. This is the best thing ever, BUY ONE YOU"LL ENJOY!!!!!

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Reviewed: Friday 18 January, 2008 by Chip Anonymous

Let me just tell you that I am a computer nerd, and I love sex, and technical things. I loved this thing. It really rocked my planet. I love myself!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 26 June, 2007 by Mrs. Anonymous

I got this for my husband. I was skeptical because I know some sites have fantastic reviews that aren’t always true. I wanted to surprise him and teased him all day without his knowing what was going to happen. I just told him he would have to take my direction since he had no idea what how it worked. First I licked him and put my tongue in and out for a bit to get him ready. I put some lube on and slowly inserted it. I told him to contract, hold it, and then let go. He said it felt amazing. I started to move it back and forth and his cock got bigger and bigger. He got to the point of orgasm and it just lasted and lasted without ejaculating. He was almost paralyzed in a way. Then he wanted me to suck him to finish him off. I am not lying or exaggerating when I say that he was HUGE compared to his regular erections. He said it was absolutely incredible. Next time I am going to jump on him rather than suck him. I forwarded the instructions to him since it has such detail, it may even be better next time, if that is possible. I am really excited to see…

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Reviewed: Monday 18 September, 2006 by J. A.

Absoultely an amazing experience that every man should experience. Wow ! I have also had my girlfriend fuck me with with a strap on dildo that I have found a real turn on and I think that she enjoys it almost as much as I do . Oh and if you haven't tried that you definitely should . I am planning on addiing some of the newer G - Spot stimulator models to my arsenal of pleasure . Well that is it for now I am going to get my dear friend the MGX G-Spot Stimulator and anal lube and let the good times roll .

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Reviewed: Saturday 24 June, 2006 by seth blalock

i originally bought the aneros as a means to punish my slave after his nuts and cock are in restraint.. within 15 min of insertion, he had a most prolonged orgasm beyond his control while in full bondage.. never saw that happen before..

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Reviewed: Sunday 19 February, 2006 by Jones

After ptiching a no hitter, I decided to give this a shot with my fav porn DVD...Truth be told, 3 solid orgasms later, I was a beathless mass unable to move. I didn't have a partner but, I DEFINITELY HAD SEX TONIGHT!!

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Reviewed: Sunday 13 November, 2005 by

From the moment I inserted the Aneros, pre-cum began oozing out of my cock (something which has never occured before), even though it was still soft. Contracting the sphincter muscles and rocking back and forth generated the most intense sensations. I quickly became hard as a rock and shot over my head!!! Truely amazing!

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Reviewed: Saturday 05 November, 2005 by Mistress Blkmadona

I thought it was too small to work..but I was dead wrong. I used it on my sub and let let out a loud moan..almost a loud yell..I thought he was in pain...but he later told me that he had an orgasm from head to toe...he was shaking so badly. I recommend this for any man!!!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 10 August, 2005 by Mistress Karen

I had played with one of My submissives with several BDSM toys, a crop, cane, nipple clamps when I made him lean forward, ass up and slipped the Aneros into his rectum with the instruction, "Squeeze and release, repeating the command. He began shaking so hard I became concerned until he screamed that he HAD to cum and cum NOW. He shot about 4 feet across the room with a huge orgasm! After he was finally able to breathe his comment was "What in God's name did you DO to me, I've never cum so hard in my life." After declaring his total devotion he called a cab to go home because he was afraid to drive. Too bad I'm not a Pro. "wink"

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Reviewed: Saturday 23 July, 2005 by Jason

I highly recommend this one! It gives quite a different "inside" feeling than I have ever had with anything before. It definitely works well all the time, alone or with a partner, and it also teaches you how to contract muscles that help things feel good even when the toy isn't in play. It's even fun to have in around the house before doing anything as it gently reminds you it's there when you move around. I looked around the web for pricing and became a return customer to this site because there are great deals here. Pick up this great investment today!

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Reviewed: Monday 18 July, 2005 by Conundrum22

When I first inserted it, I had to get used to the little knob pushing up under my balls, but soon was rocking out. Each little contraction of my anal sphincter to push it up against my prostate which caused another contraction, on and on and on it went, the pleasure building up. I hadn't cum in several days, so pre-cum was flowing out in an almost steady stream, and my penis wasn't even hard yet, and the buildup was very pleasureable and intense. My penis only became semi-hard through the contractions, but I, all of a sudden, jetted cum across the bed (and I have a KING size!). It seemed to go on forever! Afterward, I jacked off and had the same thing happen all OVER AGAIN!! Definitely a best buy!!

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Reviewed: Friday 08 July, 2005 by Doug G.

If you don't know where or what your prostate is, you can ask your urologist or partner for a prostate massage. "Getting in touch with our feelings" is important for men, but for yard-long ejaculations (really!) getting in touch with our prostates is crucial. Step 0: Empty your rectum with a bowel movement or enema. 1-3 as above. 4 and 5 are crucial: 4. Relax - mentally and physically. Allow your body to become accustomed to the massager. Practice deep breathing and release your tensions. This is a Tantric Experience! 5. Slowly begin to contract the sphincter muscle. As the sensations build, you may wish to increase the frequency and intensity of the contractions. The more time you spend on 4, the greater the rewards of 5 will be. I find this product to be uncomfortable when sitting naked on it, or sitting on a firm seat with clothing on. Self-prostate-massage is also possible. To accomplish this, lube your first two fingers and your anus, and touch your lower back in the center with your fingertips. Run your fingers down, keeping them pointed forward, until you find your anus, explore a bit, penetrate yourself, and with your elbow right behind you, reach for your prostate with the

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Reviewed: Friday 08 July, 2005 by J

The good: It is not just a sex toy, but also a health instrument. It helps you to exercise the sphincter muscle and massage your prostate. The main thing is to get the "Super O". You can achive waves of waves of orgasm without touching your penis at all (the formal way is never touch your penis). Super O is something you have never felt before untill you try this item; it isn't like regular penile orgasm. The bad: It has learning curve. You won't get Super O once you insert it. It requires practice. To be honest with you. I haven't achive Super O and I know I am not alone. But the journel toward Super O is also an exciting thing. You will get much better reward when you can do it with effort.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 22 June, 2005 by E

The pressures the Aneros exerts on my prostrate and the root of my penis soon build and compound to an unbearable degree. The crescendo is an explosion deep inside my groin that makes me groan out loud, and makes my body buck and convulse in an uncontrollable way for minutes. When the waves finally subside, the Aneros starts the whole sequence over again and then another orgasm inevitably follows, and another, and it doesn't stop 'till I remove the Aneros. It's as if the Aneros has somehow awakened a dormant volcano, with results that last all day, long after I've used it. I'm a married man in my forties with an active, uninhibited love life with my wife, but the Aneros has revealed to me a whole new, unexplored erotic continent. It has profoundly enhanced and expanded my experience of sex and it only gets better with repetition. Now that I have one of these remarkable devices, I could never again be without.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 22 June, 2005 by Eric

I received the Aneros today and want to let you know that it was the best purchase of my life! After using it for approx. 35 min. I suddenly ejaculated without even touching my penis. It was the best I ever had...

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Reviewed: Wednesday 22 June, 2005 by Ed T

This is a mind-blowing product! I've never felt anything as intense as the waves of pure pleasure that this thing provides. After relaxing, then gently and continuously squeezing the sphincter muscle a deep, penetrating wave of pleasure builds and builds until my whole body starts to shake and spasm. I've kept moaning, groaning, throbbing ecstasy for over an hour, which ended in an explosive, convulsive, multi-wave orgasm that sprayed semen everywhere! I did it again a few hours later...

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Reviewed: Wednesday 22 June, 2005 by Rob

For a short period of time, I wasn't certain that this object would be of any help, but I finally got the groove, and managed to explode "off into outer space." Sorry but when I returned to Earth, I had a major clean up session, walls, stomach, chest, face..

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Reviewed: Wednesday 22 June, 2005 by Tony

This is the most wonderful toy I've ever bought. Within seconds of inserting it, I was flooding the bed with pre-cum. I use it almost daily and have at least three orgasms with it regularly. But I like to hold the orgasm/ejaculation for last because it is so intense.

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