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The SMP Power Pump


The SMP Power Pump The SMP Power Pump The SMP Power Pump The SMP Power Pump
Rating: (16 reviews)

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The SMP Power Penis Pump

As shown in the pictures from left to right. The SMP Power Pump does an great job of creating a vacuum tight seal to create a strong erection. The right most image shows Anton's penis flaccid and then gradually gets harder and harder. Anton was amazed how strong of an erection this device gave him with just a few pumps. By following a strict pumping schedule some have gained a few inches in penis length.


  • Quick Air Release Control.
  • Pneumatic Bulb.
  • Latex Ring for tight seal.
  • See-thru cylinder.

    Note: This device is not compatible with our premium penis pumping accessories. The SMP Power Pump is a great beginner pump kit. The pump measures 8 inches in length and 2.25 inches in diameter.

    Step-By-Step Instructions

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    Reviewed: Saturday 11 February, 2017 by Bob Rob

    I have to give this one star and agree with the reviewer who said the squeeze bulb is way too hard to squeeze. Very hard rubber not very flexible at all. It should be easy and soft like a blood pressure bulb, but it's not so very difficult to use so $40 dollars down the drain to me!

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    Reviewed: Friday 11 April, 2014 by Robert Dammit

    Got it in the mail today, and yes, cut the insert out! It hurts like a BITCH! Lube up the inside of the cylinder, as well as your dick. Go slow and don't do permanent damage by being impatient.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 22 February, 2014 by Last Night

    Get rid of the rubber ring and make sure you shave before pumping. Go slow like others say but if you try you can end up with 18cc of girth. Length is not as dramatic as that girth. Thatís what makes the wife squeal!

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    Reviewed: Monday 08 July, 2013 by Anonymous

    Great for girth. Go slow, you'll fell all the sponge stretch out. Don't keep the vacuum too long, but you can repeat it two, three times a day. The tip of the tube broke, so a visit to Home Depot and epoxy solved that. The supplied tubing is also too stiff, so 1/4" tygon roll works better. The sealing sheath may be omitted but you need Si lub to seal skin to plastic. but be careful with your balls. Over time (six months) you will have a permanent greater girth. THAT the girls like. Length is hard to measure because you don't know were "base" begins each day. But if you hit "bottom" you will be told "OOWW." The electric pump or squeeze pump is better than the bulb pump. A gauge may be good but your dick is a better instrument anyway, it will tell more and fell better over time. Repeat- go slow. The theory is: Your blood pressure is constant and fixed by you. You can only fill the sponge so much from the inside. When the sponge is stretched, more blood fills more volume, your dick becoming larger / longer. Longer is more difficult until the tub is filled and girth stops. That is what gives you the two way stretch / expansion.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 06 June, 2013 by luckey Guy

    Great tube , wonderful sleve but the ball pump is way too hard for my gal to use it on me and I have to use both hands to pump it. it works well but you loose a lot of the enjoyment of having your cock pumped by someone else.

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