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Steel Ball Head Ring


Steel Ball Head Ring Steel Ball Head Ring
$32.00 $29.00
Rating: (23 reviews)

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Intensify your orgasm with this Steel Ball Head Ring! Designed to fit snug around your penis head to have the ball add pressure and new stimulating sensations. Once put on, it can be used with or without a partner. The Steel Ball Head Ring is made from stainless steel and is 3.2 mm thick. The inside diameter of the ring measures 30mm, while the diameter of the ball is 10mm.

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Reviewed: Monday 17 April, 2017 by Anonymous

i bought this... is a waste of money.. perhaps i am more hard core.. this does have visual appeal.. but that is it.. it don't do anything behond that if you want to give your cock a treat such as providing it some love and pleasure... get The Mortal Coil Sound, you won't regret it

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Reviewed: Sunday 01 May, 2016 by Adam Lovato

Great product! I've only had it a little over 24 hours and been wearing it ever since I received it! Very comfortable! The wife thinks that it is super sexy! She said that I'm going to wear it 24-7-365! Well....if the rest of the year is like this past 24 hours, no complaints coming from this guy! She's not shy about dishing out the head, but in 7+ years of marriage, I don't think that I've ever been blown 3 times in 24 hours! I'm considering waking her up with a cock in her mouth right now! Start the next 24 hours the way the first started! To this point, I have yet to be "inside of her" with this on, but I will keep you posted! No complaints about her not being able to keep her mouth off of my cock!

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Reviewed: Sunday 14 February, 2016 by jim brown

I love it I wear it almost ever day. I can even sleep with it on. I also have a 3in long 3/8cm cum thru penis plug with a gland ring. The weight of them on my uncut cock feels great I stay half hard all the time when I wear them. My wife can't keep her eyes and hands off my cock she really likes the cum shooting out of the plug.They are a little tight when I have a full hard on but It still feels great. We go on vacations to adult resorts and my wife loves showing my cock off We get a lot of wonderful comments and looks. If you don't have this product get it now you will love it.

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Reviewed: Friday 23 October, 2015 by matt riggs

This arrived today. At first I was sceptical, but once I got it on my cock got hard instantly and has yet to go completely soft. This ring increases the sensitivity of arousel. I will be keeping this on 24\7 to test the durability (so I will do an update review). So far it makes playing with my cock much more enjoyable, I can not seem to keep my hands off. From one day of wearing i would say get one is awesome. I do have a nylon fetish so the update will be description of with wearing pantyhose, in pussy, blow job, cumming, with vibration, and anything else I can come up with.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 29 April, 2015 by David Ross

I have only recently begun to wear the ring for extended periods. Initially when fitting the ring, I felt instant changes to my sexual being. My penis began to stiffen, when I then man desirous pain. After four days of 'trying' such proved to be successful. I now wear the ring for longer periods, with my penis remaining erected, the head large/firm I can now masturbate when desired, thus producing flowing strong cum I would highly recommend it to any aspiring desirous of strengthening their penis to then enjoy unbelievable sexual sensations

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