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Strict Leather Stuffer Mouth Gag


Strict Leather Stuffer Mouth Gag Strict Leather Stuffer Mouth Gag Strict Leather Stuffer Mouth Gag Strict Leather Stuffer Mouth Gag Strict Leather Stuffer Mouth Gag Strict Leather Stuffer Mouth Gag Strict Leather Stuffer Mouth Gag
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Huge Mouth Gag

If your bottom requires some serious mouth stuffing this gag will do the trick. Secures tightly behind the head by means of a d-ring

The larger padded mouth gag insert is 2 inches long (front to back) by 3 inches wide (side to side).

The small/medium is still filling at 2 inches long (front to back) by 2.5 inches wide (side to side).

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Reviewed: Monday 30 March, 2015 by Jessica Ste

I'm wearing it right now and it makes me so wet just placing it in my mouth. I scream and no one can hear me. I love how it fills my mouth and bulges my cheeks out and makes my jaw hurt after a while. I've tried to wear it to bed several times but it's just too hard. Eventually, I'll work up to it. I love the drool around my mouth too

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Reviewed: Sunday 08 March, 2015 by Anonymous

Bought the smaller size gag in conjunction with the forced orgasm belt since I have been informed that my orgasms could be heard outside of the house. When the items arrived I tried to play with the gag first and actually had to use my fingers to pry my mouth open wide enough just to get the gag inside the mouth. Once it was in, I immediately started to gag to the point that I almost vomited. Since I am a petite person, even this gag is rather large and wished that it would come just another size smaller. Trying to remove the gag was just as much of a challenge as it was placing it, in fact I think I punctured the leather with my teeth trying to get it out since I was not able to control the gag reflex. Somewhat disappointed I took a break and came back later on to try it all over again. Knowing that I would trigger another gag reflex episode I placed my tongue in the back of the mouth as soon as I pushed the gag back in. This time I did not trigger the reflex and managed to relax more to the point that I did not need to remove it in total panic. When the gag is placed it does fill the mouth and even pushes my cheeks out to the side, it is also causing me to drool quiet a bit. If the company ever decides to make another and smaller version of this gag I will be purchasing that smaller size. It was important that I had the time to get accustomed to this gag on my own before it will be forced into my mouth to keep me silent while having out of control orgasms.

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Reviewed: Monday 26 January, 2015 by Anonymous

I purchased the small gag and it is actually quite large and took some getting used to as it definitely fills the mouth! My mistress puts this one on me after placing me in the straight jacket and hood. Once strapped tightly there is no swallowing or speaking at all! After using it for several months I think I could now handle the large one. This is not a gag for beginners. The gag itself is made out of a very good quality calf hide, is soft and fits very well. The only improvement I can see would be to add a locking buckle, instead of the slip D rings it comes with. All in all this is a high quality gag.

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Reviewed: Monday 15 April, 2013 by james dean

I bought t is gag after reading the 4 reviews available at the time. i have worn this gag for several sessions and can attest to its ability, when tightened to keep me quiet enough that anyone walking down the street 20 feet from the bedroom window wont be able to make out what is going on inside. My squeals and crying out are about the same noise level as the vigorious flogging i am induring. it is well made out of quality leather. The leather is stiff when new but conforms nicely to my mouth after 4 wearings. i purchased the small one and found it to be plenty big and filled my mouth to the point that my jaw was open enough that i couldnt bite it enough to tear the leather. To sum up after a 100 warmup lashes master likes to install the gag and then get down to giving me a sound thrashing and this gag keeps the police from knocking on the door.......sub jim

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Reviewed: Sunday 22 July, 2012 by mark rank

I got and it was very nice my wife and I use it we have great time with it she put it on me and fuck me up my ass and lick my cock and do me lick a dog. then I do her with it in her mouth to . so the kids will not get up at night. One day she going to get me bad she say to me.

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