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The Clearly Ample Penis Extender


The Clearly Ample Penis Extender The Clearly Ample Penis Extender
$24.95 $19.95
Rating: (21 reviews)

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Enjoy an easy way to a longer lasting erection with the Clearly Ample Penis Extender

If you've ever wanted to penetrate your partner with something bigger than what you're packing, the Clearly Ample Penis Extender is an excellent solution. Hard or flaccid, give them the pounding of a lifetime. The sheath is lined with pleasure nubs, for stimulation with each stroke, and the semitransparent design means your cock can be easily admired.


I've always wanted to know how she would react, what she would look like, with a huge cock shoved up deep inside her. My own cock drives her wild and she says it's all she needs, but I know she wonders what it would be like to have something bigger thrusting in and out of that tight hole. The Clearly Ample Penis Extender wraps around my balls to make me even harder and she loves that she can still see my cock inside it. She lubes it up with her hands and the extender feels tight warm as she jacks me off. I climb on top of her and finally push slowly into her. Her eyes widen and then roll back as it gets deeper than anything has ever been before. All of a sudden, her hands are groping my biceps and she throws her head back, groaning. I'm all the way inside her and the strap around my balls has made my cock more sensitive. Fingernails dig into my arms as I pound that little pussy with the huge extender. Just when I'm about to cum, I pull out of her, quickly removing the Clearly Ample Penis Extender. I use my other hand to rub her off as I blow my load all over her shuddering body.

Clearly Ample Penis Extender Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Approx. 6.5 inches in length, approx. 1.75 inches in diameter at widest point, and an inside diameter of approx. 1.5 inches
  • Material: TPR
  • Color: Clear
  • Enjoy the benefits of a longer, thicker erection without pills or pumps
  • Sheath is lined with pleasure nubs for stimulation at each stroke

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    Reviewed: Thursday 22 June, 2017 by Anonymous

    Ordered the exceptionally large member, got upgraded to the monster member. Wife loves it! Super fast shipping! A struggle to get on at first but easy once you grasp the technique. Fits nice and snug, and will work good for her even when you're completely flaccid. Happy wife!

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    Reviewed: Sunday 09 April, 2017 by Jon Fellowes

    I bought one of these. When it arrived my wife saw it and said we need to try it now. She sucked me hard. As I put it on she got the lube out. She said I want to ride so away we went. Slow at first as it has been a while for something this thick. After a very short while she was riding fast and hard. Not long and she had her first orgasm. She slid off and put a condom on it got Mir lube and took it anally fast and furiously. Yes this is a winner.

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    Reviewed: Friday 07 April, 2017 by Jenny Riley

    Yes I got this for my husband he has ED! Wasn't sure about the product at first but coming from a woman point of view it felt amazing!! Wasn't to hard some dildo are rock stiff "yes that might sound crazy" we like a little bend in it! Not plastic feeling or rough!! It was wonderful and realistic. As for my husband he was able to wear it comfortably and perform fantastically!! I came hard!

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    Reviewed: Thursday 29 December, 2016 by All Smiles

    My wife orgasmed so hard and quick with this it surprised me. Highly recommend it. I bought this for my wife and didn’t tell her I had bought it until it arrived. When we first looked at we thought my god it is huge and worried she wouldn’t be able to take it. A few days later her and I were ready to try it and her thinking about it made her extremely excited. During foreplay she took my hand and placed it on her vagina. Then she interested my finger into her vagina and said “I wanted you to feel how wet I was”. Then she proceeded to grab my hand and I thought she wanted me to massage her clitoritis and she said no and took control of my hand and inserted another finger into her vagina so that two of my fingers were in her. I realized at that moment that her vagina had opened up a lot more than normal in excitement for the penis extender to be in her. She told me to put it on. Recommend lubing your testicals and penis as that how I was able to get it on. Lubed up the extender. She spread the lips of her vagina and guided it in. At first I was confused and thought it was hurting her because of the expression on her face and was shocked it went in. She said it feels great. Then she instructed be to fuck her rough and fast. She orgasmed so hard and quick and one of the strongest I have witnessed from her.

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    Reviewed: Friday 09 September, 2016 by Anonymous

    I have reviewed this product before as well as other similar ones. They are all excellent. Now, I would like to share my easy method of getting these things on your dick. Lube all of your junk and the extender loop and tube interior. Point the extender downward then stretch the loop around your boys. Now swing the extender 180 degrees so it points upward. Now, squeeze your dick into the tube while squeezing the air out. Done. If you guys with ED feel uncomfortable using one of these, just think of it as an extreme condom. It helps me. It cures PE too.

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