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Cyberskin Penis Extension


Cyberskin Penis Extension Cyberskin Penis Extension Cyberskin Penis Extension Cyberskin Penis Extension
Rating: (5 reviews)

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Turn your penis into a longer thicker tool with this 3" penis extender. It slips easily over your cock and adds on a full 3" to the length. Made of durable Cyberskin, it feels very authentic so your partner won't know the difference. The advantage of a penis extension is that no matter your length, being able to penetrate deeper into your partner and hit all of their right spots would be beneficial for both you and them.

Specifications: The cyberskin penis extender measures 8" in length and adds 3" additional to your cock's length. It also adds a .25" amount of girth to your cock as well.

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Reviewed: Sunday 05 April, 2015 by William Hollingsworth

This is s great help to me i saw a review that said it it kept slipping off reason for that is your penis must be dry when you put it on. I can take on any woman with this product and win😌 I am about 7 inches and when I add the three I am 10... Incredible and if I meet a woman who wants more I put two 3 inch Extentions on and now I'm 13... Wonderful. I'm expert status with this thing ...have women having hard organisms ... Wonderful.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 09 October, 2012 by Clitlicker 3364

Same thing this thing is like a limp noddle even with a hard cock it will not stay on the end of your cock it want's to go to the side or bend, save your money there has to be better out there,

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Reviewed: Sunday 29 May, 2011 by Anonymous

the first review sounds real...the second review fake, written to try and con you into buying it ( Editor's Note: We can't vouch for the veracity of every review because they come in anonymously, but customers may embellish on their experiences. We don't write them though. )

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Reviewed: Sunday 11 July, 2010 by DREW K.

Not impressed. It fit fine and worked O.K. AFTER we finally managed to get it in her. It was real hard to keep it straight on the head. It kept wanting to drop down, left, right and feeding it in her was almost impossible. It was like having a limp dick.

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Reviewed: Thursday 25 March, 2010 by Anonymous

The extension worked great for us! It gave me the extra inches I always wanted and the extra enjoyment my wife was missing. Try this, I undressed her slowly licking her neck, back, sucking and licking her breast and nipples, squeezing and licking her butt and thighs, and before touching her wet pussy I covered her face then teased finally licking her pussy the way she likes it. I was still fully dressed and pulled my hard 6" cock out of my zipper and put the extender on. I slipped and inch at a time in and out of her pussy and asked her if her husbands cock felt this good. I stopped her before she could remove the shirt covering her eyes and held her arms above her head. This is the big cock you have always wanted isn't it, isn't it! I asked her if she wanted me to stop or keep fucking her. She said to Fuck me, Fuck me with all of it...I continued to tease her and she had orgasms like she never experienced before...

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