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Penis Enhancement

Penis Enhancer and Penis Enlarger Sex Toys

Men all over the world have looked at their penis and thought, "Is it big enough? Long enough? Can I last?". If you've wondered the same, you aren't alone. According to a study on the Psychology of Men and Masculinity called "Does Size Matter? Men's and Women's Views on Penis Size Across the Lifespan", over 46% of men are dissatisfied with their size.

Many people are looking for ways to enhance their members. Whether it's enhanced length and girth, harder and longer erections, or just to shake things up with a partner, we have the sex toys—penis pumps, penis sleeves, penis stretchers, and penis rings—to help enhance your cock!

Penis Enlargement & Enhancement Techniques

  • Penis Pumps & Accessories: Some use penis pumps for a quick, hulked-out, veiny erection that they lock in with a cock ring for instant fun. Others follow a consistent pumping regimen for long-term growth. We have easy-to-use beginner and advanced penis pumps to help you meet your penis pumping goals.
  • Penis Sleeves & Penile Extenders: If you want to instantly have a bigger, more unstoppable hard-on, penis sleeves and extenders can give you just that! Just pull one on and add new textures, length, girth, and even vibrations to your penis! Talk about the bionic man with the designer dong, these penis sleeves are a game changer for couples everywhere! By reducing sensation, you can even last longer. If you have erection difficulties, our stiffer penis extenders will stay hard even if you soften. You and your partner may be perfectly satisfied with your penis as it is, but trying out a new dick together can be a lot of fun and enhance roleplay scenarios and fantasies!
  • Cock Rings: This device works by allowing blood to flow into your penis, but not out. They can lead to a veinier erection that doesn't quit. Additionally, lots of people like to use them in tandem with a penis pump to lock an artificially enhanced and swollen erection gained from pumping!!
  • Numbing Lube, Creams & Spray: Desensitizing lubes and sprays help men last longer during sex by reducing sensation and numbing an area before insertion. This helps couples ease into new experiences such as deep-throating, anal, and inserting larger sex toys that stretch their holes open.

Pro-tip: Try not to get desensitizing lubes on you or your partner's genitalia unless intentionally trying to numb them or the resulting sex may not be as fun and sensational as you both may have hoped it would be. To learn more tips like these and how to enhance your penis with different devices, check out XR University.

Sex Toys for ED

Are you fretting over firmness? Sex toys offer several great ways to overcome erectile dysfunction! Here are some great options:

1. Get Hard with Some Help: Pump up your cock with a penis pump to get the blood flowing into your cock and then lock in that erection with a cock ring that keeps the blood in your penis so it stays engorged. It's simple and effective. You can even pump your cock to a state a little veinier and girthier than it would naturally reach for extra fun!

2. Last Longer: Slide your cock into a semi-rigid penis extender or an erection-assist hollow strap-on. These penis sheaths will stay strong and hard even after you go soft. They also allow you to deliver a penis even larger than your natural one to your partner! If you tend to ejaculate prematurely, this toy also reduces sensation allowing you to last longer.

What if you feel like there's nothing to fix? First of all, we're glad you feel that way! No matter what size, shape, or endurance you have, there are countless ways to make sex fun. That's why we call them 'sex toys' because they're designed to play with and make sex even more fun!

While some of these items do serve as great tools for enhanced pleasure, sometimes you just have to let curiosity win and try new things. We offer many kinds of vibrating, sucking, electrifying, and other stimulating sex toys. Satisfying your partner's kink or making a fantasy come true through roleplay could be more intense than anything your penis does! After all, the biggest sex organ in the body is the brain, not the penis. Some sex toys and gear might become your new favorites, while others might become a fun experience you had together. The best option is to be curious and try new things. You never know what you may just fall in love with next!

Why Shop Penis Enhancement at eXtremeRestraints

eXtreme Restraints has a long history of serving up the best sex toys for men. Starting as a fetish and bondage store in 2000, eXtreme Restraints today delivers sex toys and fetish gear for whatever you're into at great prices. Our best-selling penis pumps, penis extenders, and cock rings consistently deliver more sexual satisfaction for the buck. Whatever penis enhancement you're looking for, we have a variety of great products that do it at a ruthlessly competitive price.